FIFA 23: New Invisibility Hack In FUT Weekend League

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, a glitch is getting on everyone's nerves again. We will show you here exactly what it is about and who is affected.

EA Hack
The new hack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

EA Sports is now known for its long list of fails. That became clear again with the Weekend League. Most of the players just wanted to grind for great rewards for the Future Stars promo and then this: There is a new hack in Ultimate Team that significantly affects the gameplay and is simply unfair.

How can this be possible in a game like FIFA 23? You can find out everything about it here!

Invisibility Hack In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Everyone knows that there are hackers in FIFA 23. But how can it be that nothing is being done about it and on top of that more hacks and glitches are being exposed in February 2023!

Recently, the invisibility hacks in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for the PC has been exposed. Here, hackers make it so that the opponent can't see his team to get easy wins. How are you supposed to defend something like that? You can't defend Mbappé normally, just imagine he's invisible during this time.

See for yourself – streamer SlaterAC tweeted how he played and lost against such a player. It's just insane...

The sad thing is, he's not the only one this has happened to. The invisibility hacks are becoming more and more popular. The community exchanges information under the tweet, and you can see that what happens to those affected is usually the same.

We hope that by next year at the latest, EA or FIFA will have a flawless game. We remain curious what will happen in the future.

What do you say to the whole thing? Let us know in the comments!

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