FIFA 23: 89+ World Cup Or Prime Icon SBC | Best And Worst Icons

The new 89+ World Cup or Prime Icon Upgrade SBC is online in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Is it worth the coins? Who are the best players, you can get? We'll show you everything you need to know about it!

FIFA 23 Prime Icons
The new 89+ Icon SBC | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Of course, no one is saying no to pulling one of the better FUT Fantasy cards right now. But there are also fantastic alternatives if you don't get a great one this year. World Cup and Prime Icons, for example. There is an SBC right now where you get one of these guaranteed. What do you have to give up and who can you get? Here's everything you need to know about the SBC.

89+ Icon SBC

The SBC will remain in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team until Friday, March 24th at 19:00 CET and will be repeatable three times in total. The most important question: What can you get out of the pack? The answer is a Prime or WC Icon. But what do you have to give up for it? We'll show you in this article.

So, is the SBC worth it, or is it not worth it? To clarify exactly that, we need to take a closer look at the requirements and who you can pull.

The Requirements

To complete the SBC, you must turn in 3 teams. An 85 OVR team with one TOTW, an 86 OVR team and an 88 OVR team. In the first team, it makes perfect sense to connect the TOTW with an 85+ player.

The requirements of the 89+ Icon SBC | Futbin

Rewards – Best And Worst Pulls

Perhaps the most important question when it comes to an SBC is who can you pull. We are only interested in who we can get in the best case scenario here, simply because we continue to believe that, one day, we'll experience a miracle and catch a Big W like Pelé or R9. But since that won't be the case anyway, we'll also show you the worst picks.

Okay, to be honest, you can get really cool cards. The Icons that are most worthwhile are probably Pélé, Ronaldo, Eusébio, Johan Cruyff and Ronaldinho. But you can also look forward to Zinedine Zidane, Ruud Gullit or Jairzinho.

Basically, we are never happy about a goalkeeper in a pack like this. We want to get a fast meta player and not a goalie. So Petr Cech or Iker Casillas will not improve our team. However, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres or Javier Zanetti are not exactly good picks either. And in between that, there are a whole lot of mid-cards.

Those who prefer "safe picks" will also find what they are looking for with these Icon SBCs:FIFA 23: The Best Icon SBCs

Is The 89+ Icon SBC Worth It?

The SBC is incredibly expensive and the chance of making a profit from it is very small. You can also see how bad it is on Futbin. Here it gets just a 20% thumbs up rate.

You can draw over 100 players, so the chance of drawing one of the few cards that will get you ahead is pretty slim. At a price of 550,000 coins we say no, stay away and put your coins or fodder in other SBCs.

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