When Will The Prime Icon Moments Be Released In FIFA 23?

The Prime Icon Moments were released at the beginning of March last year. In FIFA 23 we are still waiting. We have all information if and when the Prime Icon Moments will be released in FIFA 23.

Fifa 23 prime icon moments
When will the FIFA 23 Prime Icon Moments be released? | © EG / EA

Prime Icon Moments are beloved versions of Icons in FIFA, but the community waits in vain for a release in FIFA 23. When will we see these endgame cards? We have all the information about the Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23!

Ronaldo, Eusébio and Matthäus have always been very popular icons in FIFA and the Prime Icon Moments version was even better than the Prime Icon. So this upgrade has always been worth it. Let's see what EA has in store for us...

FIFA 23: When Will The Prime Icon Moments Be Released?

We don't have an official release date for the Prime Icon Moments yet. If we take a look at the release dates of past years, we can see that the Icons should have been released long ago. Bad news...

Icon Moments Could Be Replaced With New Icons

Well, "bad" is relative here. There will be no Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23. This card type is not to find in the source code since the FIFA 23 release. This will be the first FIFA in years that will not have Prime Icon Moments.

But EA could release another Icon promo instead, the Alternate Reality Icons. This promo is not official yet, but was spotted in the source code along with the TOTY Icons just before Team of the Year. So these leaks are trustworthy.

At this link, we explain to you what the Alternate Reality Icons are. We've summed up some theories about this new promo, and they sound really plausible.

At least, we are not shocked if we don't see Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 23. The TOTY Icons were such good cards, the design alone was awesome! When exactly the Alternate Realtiy Icons will be released, is still to be awaited. There have been no leaks about this yet.

You can find all promos in FIFA 23 in our FUT calendar.

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