All TOTY Icons In FIFA 23: With Ronaldinho, Alonso, Gullit & More

As part of the Team of the Year, TOTY Icons are part of FIFA 23. But what exactly are the TOTY Icons? We explain it to you and show you all the players. All Icons are in packs now!

TOTY Icons are here! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports / FUT Sheriff via Twitter

The FIFA 23 Team of the Year is finally here, and as if the TOTY cards weren't good enough, TOTY Icons are here too! The first batch of TOTY Icons was released in Ultimate Team on January 20. For the first time in FIFA's history, we got Icons that are related to the Team of the Year.

This is a continuation of EA's World Cup Icon series. After seeing the incredible stats of the Team 2 members, we ask ourselves if we will get more theme-based Icons in the future? We'd definitely be up for it!

TOTY Icons In FIFA 23

First, there is one big question: What are TOTY Icons? We've never had something like that in FIFA. TOTY Icons are players who once belonged to the best eleven of the year or would have received a TOTY card in FIFA back when they played. Requirement: They need to be an existing Icon – we won't see entirely new players.

As you can see from the picture above, legends like Ronaldinho or Ruud Gullit are among them. The just look insane!

TOTY Icons Team 2: With Ronaldinho, Müller And Van der Saar

All 14 TOTY Icons are revealed and in packs. You can pull them until February 3rd, 2023 – good luck!





Edwin van der Sar92
LBAshley Cole



Nemanja Vidic


CBAlessandro Nesta



Javier Zanetti


CDMXabi Alonso (SBC)


CDMClaude Makélélé92
CMAndrea Pirlo


RMDavid Beckham94
LMRobert Pires


CFRuud Gullit94
STHugo Sanchez (SBC)


STGerd Müller


Check out our article on the best Icon SBCs. Alonso and Sanchez in particular are outstanding players that we can get at the moment.

Some of the mentioned players actually had FIFA TOTY cards in the past years. Such great times back then, in FIFA 14 or FIFA 15, no Weekend League, no toxic players. You could simply play for fun without sweating too much. For the nostalgia, check the best TOTY cards from the past years:

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