EA Confirms: World Cups Will Be In FIFA 23

EA Sports has heard our wishes: The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be playable in FIFA 23. The women also get a playable World Cup mode for the 2023 World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. Nice!

FIFA 23 World Cup WM
FIFA 23 will have a World Cup mode. | © EA Sports / FIFA / EarlyGame

The news about FIFA 23 are slowly taking shape, EA provides us with fresh features. Among them is the World Cup mode, which will come in FIFA 23. The Men's World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar as well as the Women's World Cup 2023 in New Zealand and Australia.

Everything you need to know before the FIFA 23 launch, we have collected here for you:

FIFA 23 Gets World Cup Mode For Men And Women

After Sam Kerr is on the cover EA makes a round thing out of women's football and brings club teams. For the first time, there is a real tournament for the national teams that can be played in FIFA: The Women's World Cup. It's about time.

Do you still remember 2006 (or were you born then, no offense) when we had to buy an extra game for the World Cup in Germany? Those times are over.

FIFA 23 World Cup: Download And Release Date

In FIFA 23, the World Cup mode will be available as a download. We assume that it will come without extra costs, and you can download it as a title update. When exactly this will be, we don't know yet. The World Cup in Qatar starts on 21 November 2022 - we assume that EA will already implement the World Cup mode before then. Whether the release for women will then be postponed to 2023 remains to be seen.

FUT World Cup Heroes
The FIFA 23 World Cup Heros will be available on November 11! | © EA Sports

FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Mode

Apparently, we will see a new promo in FIFA Ultimate Team on the occasion of the World Cup year. The FIFA World Cup Heroes should shorten the waiting time – maybe they will come as an event in FUT in winter (or not at all, as it is with leaks).

You know the game from the 2018 World Cup in Russia – at least if you were already playing FUT then. Back then, the World Cup also came as an update, and there was even a World Cup mode for Ultimate Team.

This is how the World Cup mode could work in FUT:

  • There is no transfer market, all players and stadiums are unchangeable.
  • Coins and FIFA points are overlapping, there is only one account for World Cup and normal mode
  • All World Cup cards are dynamic, i.e. they can increase their rating if they perform well
  • Chemistry is divided between continents and nationalities

This is all you need to know for the upcoming World Cup modes, are you as hyped as we are?