FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: More Players And New Hero System Leaked

With FUT Heroes, EA Sports brings back true club legends to our consoles. We'll tell you which new heroes are coming in FIFA 23 and what the changed Hero system is all about. We've also got our own wishlist of Heroes that we want to see in FIFA.
FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Leaks News Predictions
What new Heroes will be in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

In FIFA 22, the new Heroes were a welcome addition to FIFA Ultimate Team. Above all, David Ginola was a meta god for a long time and the star in many teams. For FIFA 23, we now have the first information for you.

The first new FUT Heroes have been leaked
. In addition, a new Hero system is said to come in FUT 23. We're excited... and we'll tell you everything we know about the new heroes in FIFA 23.

Everything you need to know about FIFA 23 can be found here – this article is about the Heroes. We have divided the whole thing into leaks and predictions. It's not that easy with the Heroes: will high caliber players like David Villa or Arjen Robben be coming back as Heroes or Icons? The Dutchman's career didn't end that long ago, so it remains to be seen whether he'll be back in the game as quickly as Wayne Rooney.

Ultimate Team Heroes are players who didn't make it to the rank of legends.
They are stars who have made a major impact in their clubs or leagues and are cult... or simply associated with one specific event. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (CL final 1999) and Diego Milito (CL final 2010) are the best examples of this. Here you can see all FIFA 22 Heroes:

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: Riise, Lucio, Yaya Toure And More Leaks

More FIFA 23 FUT Heroes leaks are flying through time and space. We show you all the stars who are supposed to celebrate their comeback in FUT. The league can still change (take Lucio, for example). If players are officially announced, we will, of course, mention them again.

Dirk KuytPremier League
Joan CapdevilaLaLiga
Ji Sung ParkPremier League
Diego SimeoneLaLiga
Peter CrouchPremier League
John Arne RiisePremier League
Yaya TouréPremier League
Claudio MarchisioSerie A


Rudi VöllerBundesliga
Diego ForlánLaLiga
Rafael MárquezLaLiga

New Hero System In FIFA 23?

In addition, there is talk of a new Hero system in FIFA 23. But we don't know how much "progress" there will be. In FIFA 22, there were Hero upgrades with the FUT Captains Event. Perhaps the new system means that Heroes will be dynamic, and the rating can increase over time.

Another idea is that veterans can be back as either Icons or Heroes, a perfect example being Rudi Völler. The striker was successful in the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, won the World Cup in 1990 and was Champions League winner. Bringing him back as a Hero is actually below his standing in the world of football.

We emphasize: it's all speculation – we will update the article as soon as EA makes an official statement.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Predictions: Who Will Be A New Hero?

As you can see, the choice is pretty difficult. The difference between the FUT Icons and FUT Heroes is very small. And you don't want to step on anyone's toes. Nevertheless, we trust ourselves to be lost deep enough in the world of football that we can drop a few awesome names here and there. Mostly, they are players who you have not thought of for a long time.

But if you watched them back in the day, they should bring back classic memories. The list could actually be 10 pages long and people would still get upset about it. So look, we get it, our selection will be a bit subjective... But hey, we're talking about football. Everybody's got their own heroes.

Here is a list of players who could become the new FUT Heroes in FIFA Ultimate Team!

1. Giovane Elber

Between 1997 and 2003, the Brazilian scored endless goals for FC Bayern and achieved pretty much everything with the German record champions. 4 times national champions, 3 times DFB Cup winners and the 2001 Champions League victory against FC Valencia. With 139 goals and 57 assists in 266 games, Giovane Elber played a major role in Bayern's dominance at the start of the millennium.

Giovane Elber has great chances to become a FUT Hero. After all, the Brazilian striker represents a period of time that was the foundation for Bayern's current success. Elber is simply a cult in Bavaria. But can he keep up with Antonio di Natale?

2. Dimitar Berbatov

Probably the only Bulgarian footballer I have ever watched. Dimitar Berbatov's time at Manchester United was sick. What you might forget when thinking of him... He was even better at Bayer Leverkusen. There, he was able to make the difference. At Old Trafford, the striker was unfortunately often overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney.

The Bulgarian ended his career in April 2018. So, it's about time he celebrates his virtual comeback. Berbatov would be the perfect FUT Hero in Ultimate Team! If you look at his dribbling from back in the day, it should be the easiest 5-star skill in the history of FIFA.

3. Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin probably had one of the best primes in the last fifteen years. The Russian was one of my all-time favorite players during his time at Arsenal, and his four goals against Liverpool in 2009 will never be forgotten. Fun fact: This lad scored four goals in one game, but his team still only drew. Classic Arsenal.

Unfortunately, he was only able to really show up in the Premier League for three years and quickly returned to the Russian Premier League. So, it probably won't be enough for an Icon, but hey... that's what the Heroes are for. And in this video, you can rewatch his epic hero moment:

4. Yaya Touré

Africa Cup, Champions League, Premier League – Yaya Touré has won everything in the world of football. With his move from Barcelona to Manchester City, the Cityzens also began to dominate the Premier League. Hardly any other player was as important to City as Touré in midfield. Between 2011 and 2014, he was named Africa's Footballer of the Year four times in a row. A real legend.

In midfield, there is currently a clearly defined meta... Can the Ivorian keep up with our demands?

5. Ji-Sung Park

When talking about dominance in Manchester, the Red Devils shouldn't be missing, of course. We already had Dimitar Berbatov, with Ji-Sung Park, the next Manchester legend is on our list. The South Korean was not only part of the best Manchester United of all time, but also helped his club to achieve the greatest successes in club history.

Park celebrated 11 titles in his 7 years under Sir Alex Ferguson – I am proud to have watched you. Oh, you still think, that I am exaggerating? Well... Ferguson once made this statement: "If I’d Put Park Ji-Sung On Lionel Messi, We’d Have Beaten Barcelona in Wembley 2011." And that, my friend, is the truth.

6. Ivica Olic

His goals against Manchester United in the 2010 Champions League... I keep getting goose bumps. Ivica Olic has literally thrown himself into every duel, has never given up – actually, everything you want from a player. The Croat is a symbol of the surprising Champions League final in the 2009/10 season. But what would a hero be without his moment. Here, you can dive into some beautiful memories:

7. Luca Toni

317 goals in 699 games – Luca Toni knew where the goal was. The 2006 world champion probably had his prime at Fiorentina between 2005 and 2007, where he even became the top scorer in Serie A with 31 goals. His move to Bayern was not that successful, but he was also able to create a following. Interestingly, he was again the top scorer in Serie A in the 2014/15 season. The Italian scored 22 goals at Hellas Verona (!) in one single season.

Luca Toni would fit perfectly into a possible Serie A build. We've already given some thought about that in FIFA 22.

8. Carlos Tevez

Carlito has not yet ended his career, but the Argentine striker has been without a club since July. Like Berbatov and Ji-Sung Park, Tevez had to prevail against the best of his time at Manchester United. Even if his time under Sir Alex Ferguson was marked by many titles, he had his prime with its city rivals... of all places! 108 scorer points in 148 games for the Cityzens – that's pretty impressive.

Everyone involved in football knows that the South Americans have a certain temperament. But Tevez is next level. In 600 games, the striker received 84 yellow cards and 3 dismissals... most of them while at Boca Juniors. The defeat to River Plate in the 2019 Copa Libertadores final still hurts, huh?

9. David Villa

When I hear the name David Villa, I think of exactly two goals. One right into the corner in the 2011 CL final against Manchester United. The other, the 2-1 win against Paraguay in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup. David Villa was the perfect combination of genius and madness. The Spaniard has played in arguably the two best teams of the last twenty years and has won every title in world football. With Barcelona and Spain, if you didn't get it.

Of course, David Villa is also one of the hottest contenders for a possible icon... But before he gets a boring 90s Prime Icon, we want to see him as an OP hero in FIFA 23! And if you don't know why this lad is supposed to be OP... then you'd better rewatch this amazing goal. Perfection!

10. Nicklas Bendtner

What else can you say about that guy? Absolute legend, god of football – simply Lord Bendtner. Who needs a title if you can be one of the best of your time without it? Bendtner is the definition of cult and should therefore become a FUT Hero. With a great rating, please!

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Wishlist

Aside from players who will almost certainly be included, we've also got some players we just want to see make it, even if it's less likely. These players could be real machines in FUT. Bolded players are the leaked ones.

Tomas RosickyPremier League
Papiss Demba CisséPremier League
Claudio PizzarroBundesliga
Alexandre PatoSerie A
Landon DonovanMLS
Joe Hart

Premier League

Claudio MarchisioSerie A
Antonio CassanoSerie A
Dirk KuytPremier League

Javier Mascherano

La Liga
GutiLa Liga
Rafael van der VaartBundesliga
Adrian MutuSerie A
Hans-Jörg ButtBundesliga
Jérémy ToulalanLigue 1
JuninhoLigue 1
Lilian Thuram
Serie A

Apparently, our wishes regarding Marchisio and Lucio have already been heard. The Brazilian should come in FIFA 23, but it remains questionable which league he will be assigned to. We hope for outstanding pace and dribbling stats, no central defender has made such nice runs into the opposing half as he has. So, we don't agree with these ratings, he should be even better:

We will update the article as soon as more leaks, news and facts are out. Did you already know that we will get a completely new chemistry system in FIFA 23?