FIFA 23: Massive Hero Pack Fail – EA's Response Enrages Players

Well... apparently it's an impossible task that there's a FIFA launch without failures. This is going to be salty, because EA has once again made a huge mistake that simply shouldn't happen. A wayyyyy too cheap Hero Pack was (apparently) released by accident. Here's the sad story.

FIFA 23 Hero Pack 25k
EA made another HUGE mistake in FUT. The 25K Hero Pack killed the transfer market. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

That didn't take long: FIFA 23 has only been out for more than a week, but EA has already caused quite a stir. First the entire game was released on Xbox by accident ahead of release and just a few weeks later they crashed their own transfer market. Wow. What happened?

EA Releases Tradable Hero Pack – It Costs Only 25,000 Coins

On October 8, 2022, EA released a tradable Hero Pack. For just 25,000 coins. Bonkers. It was only available for a short period of time (from 6:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. CET) – but obviously thousands of players had already purchased the special bundle. Every FUT Hero (even Peter Crouch) is worth more than 25K coins. Some even made several million coins by packing the best FUT Hero in FIFA 23.

So it's logical that the transfer market collapsed because an extremely large number of Heroes were packed and immediately put on the list. The price curve of pretty much every Hero dropped like it's hot. Just ridiculous that this can even happen. In the preview, the pack even had the "untrade icon" in the top right-hand corner (see image). This suggests that the bundle should never have gone online like this.

At least we're not the only ones – as u/Ok-Emergency-9172 put it on Reddit: "So not only did I miss buying the hero pack for 25k, but now all my team are gone down in value ? Cheers EA 👍🏻"

Price Range Ginola
It's sad to look at David Ginola's price range. It's similar for other FUT Heroes as well. | © futbin

No Compensation For FUT Players

Yes, unfortunately it's true. Players who didn't check the shop when the pack got released, or even worse, players who didn't have enough coins to buy the pack, will not be compensated by EA Sports.

Sadly, an EA employee confirmed this via Twitter:

"The Hero Pack bug has been fixed. There are no plans of compensation"

That obviously enrages FIFA players, as they have a huge disadvantage to those players, who took the chance and got the Hero pack. Not only did they miss out on a lot of coins by potentially packing a great Hero card, but their team also dropped in price drastically.

Another huge fail for EA Sports...

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