The Best FUT Hero In FIFA 23

New FUT Heroes and some familiar faces: we will already be able to use some sick cards when FIFA 23 releases in late September. But one of them stands out in particular...

Bester FUT Hero FIFA 23
Who is the best FUT Hero in FIFA 23? Easy, it's none other than... | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

WE LOVE FUT HEROES! Seriously, it's just so much fun to play with some legends of the past. And for the first team in particular, there's nothing better than having a FUT Hero in the starting XI. Their stats are usually pretty sick, and they are the best when it comes to team building – even if the chemistry system in FIFA 23 is rather casual anyway.

But back to the FUT Heroes... in the meantime, EA Sports has published the complete lineup and the respective players' stats. Some of these cards are definitely making our hearts race, our palms sweaty and our eyes spark. The best hero in FIFA 23 is... *drummroll*

Who Is The Best Hero In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

Yaya Touré. The Midfielder is the best FUT Hero in FIFA 23. End of discussion. Just look at the stats on his card. Everything is above 80. Right at the launch of Ultimate Team Season! Wow. This makes him the first confirmed member of the Gullit Gang in FIFA 23 – well, alongside Ruud Gullit, duh.

However, as of writing this article, we know nothing about his Skills or his Weak Foot. We also have to be patient with Yaya Touré's Body Type. Let's just hope that EA Sports gives him his own personal Body Type or at least uses "Unique" because... let's be honest, Yaya Touré was an amazing player and could have easily become an Icon. The former Manchester City midfielder deserves at least a decent FUT Hero card that fits the meta somewhat...

Bester Fut Hero Marvel
For the first time illustrated superhero designs will replace real-world player photos. | © EA Sports

Rudi Völler And Lucio Will Also Be Among The Best

In general, we have to admit that the density of FUT Heroes, which at least look playable on paper, is significantly higher compared to FIFA 22. With a few exceptions, such as Abédi Pelé, Antonio Di Natale or Iván Córdoba, last year simply had not that much on offer. Luckily, EA Sports is taking a step forward here.

With Rudi Völler and Diego Forlán, we already have two extremely useful strikers when FIFA 23 finally launches. Both are pretty quick (90 Pace each), have a fierce finish (94 Shooting) and can also end some opponents' careers on the virtual pitch (90 dribbling). Honestly, what more do you want?

Even Lúcio looks like a rock-solid CB – even though his 78 Dribbling is a bad joke. Just think about his sick runs halfway across the pitch. But still: 83 Pace and 93 Defending on a central defender is just OP. Each of these FUT Heroes will almost certainly cost a few coins in the beginning. If you decide to open some packs in FIFA 23... good luck!

FIFA World Cup Will Upgrade Heroes

If you're already super hyped about playing one of these heroes in FIFA 23, then hold on. It gets even better. In case you haven't heard, there will be two different versions of each FUT Hero in FIFA 23. The basic version of all cards will be available right from the get-go, while the FIFA World Cup items will debut on November 11th.

The best part about this: The FIFA World Cup version celebrates an important appearance of the heroes on an international level and comes with improved stats! We'll just assume that EA Sports showed the basic versions... anything else would not make any sense. That means the fucking OP Yaya Toure card you just saw will be even more OP in November. We consider an upgrade of two to three OVR to be reasonable.

And now check out the FUT Events Calendar for FIFA 23. With the improved Heroes, you can easily play right up to the Team of the Year in January.