This is the Best FUT Hero in FIFA 22!

The Heroes are part of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for the first time. In addition to Pele and Di Natale, there is a hero who is by far the best of them all: David Ginola.
Ginola FUT 22 Ultimate Team Hero OP Meta
His stats are out of this world | © via YouTube BigBadaBeam

David Gionola's Hero card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is just awesome. In general, we're convinced of the Heroes and think it's great that EA brought them into the game. Of course, there are a lot of great heroes, but Ginola stands out. Why? We tell you!

Who is the Best Hero in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

David Ginola is the best FUT Hero in FIFA 22. No discussion. Let's start with his stats. Ginola has a total of 10 stars, which makes him immortal, the FIFA community loves those guys. But that's not it: 90 Pace, 87 Finishing (and generally great Shooting) and on top, 91 Dribbling. Unstoppable! There is almost nothing to complain about Ginola.

The only thing you could upgrade with a chemistry style would be balance, because 75 is a bit weak. Incidentally, the French costs more than 2 million coins. In addition to the outstanding stats, the strong link to Mbappé is one reason for this. If you have the coins for Ginola, you can use him anywhere up front: on the wing, on the 10 or in attack, this Hero performs anywhere. Just look at the stats.

FIFA 22 Ginola
Nothing the French man can't do. | © futbin

Di Natale Hero and Abedi Pelé: Perfect Addition?

Di Natale and Abedi Pelé are right behind Ginola and are also outstanding players in FUT. The Italian is a little OP due to his speed, and of course, because of the threat he poses in front of the goal: Di Natale is worth every single coin.

You can get Pelé even cheaper. The playmaker shines with pace and dribbling, but is not quite as strong in front of goal. Either way, you're doing everything right with both cards. Especially with Ginola, though, who simply surpasses everyone in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Of course, he can't get past the best icons...