Mbappé Is the Best Player in FIFA 22

Same question each year. Who is the best player in FIFA? Sometimes it's Ronaldo, sometimes it's Mbappé, yes, in the past it was even Muriel or Ibarbo. The biggest question we all ask ourselves is: who destroys every defense this year? Let's take a look at the best player in FIFA 22 ...
Mbappe FIFA 22
Mbappé is the best player in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

Of course, we know that the meta is very important. So you can't say for sure which player will be the very best for the whole year. However, because of the first weeks of FIFA 22 and our many years of experience in front of the console, we can pretty much say which superstar wins the virtual Ballon d'Or. Let's go!

The Best Player in FIFA 22

Let's first take a look at who was the best in FIFA 21. For sure, Kylian Mbappé. The Frenchman was so strong due to his pace and agility. If headers and physique had been as strong as in the beginning of FIFA 21, Ronaldo would have been the number one.

Lionel Messi is not the best anymore in FIFA 22, as Finesse shots aren't OP anymore due to the Patch. Messi only has 4 star skills and weak foot, and is also increasingly losing pace. He simply isn't the best player anymore. This is a surprise, because after a few weeks, we were sure that Messi is the best player in FIFA 22.

Of course, opinions differ among professionals and many pros are still convinced of Messi. In addition, it has to be said that hardly anyone can afford the French and therefore there are still very few reports on Mbappé.

Price is the keyword. Mbappé costs 1.7 million coins, Messi only 700k! That is a huge difference. Because most of the time, of course, the best players are also the most expensive ones. Another argument for Mbappé. If you want to play the French, you have the opportunity to do so with the free Twitch Prime rewards. Then you can form your own opinion.

And yes, we don't see Ronaldo at the top. He is just too slow, has not enough physique. We'd be surprised if headers will be stronger in FIFA 22 after the second patch, so Ronaldo isn't the best player.