FIFA 22 first Patch! Goalkeeper Fix - Nerf For Finesse-Longshots

EA brought the Title Update 1 for FIFA 22. How the gameplay changes and most importantly: How are the goalkeepers fixed? We tell you everything about the first major FIFA patch.

FIFA 22 Patch Title Update 1 Pitch Notes Torhüter fix
Finally, the goalies are fixed | © Imago

Well, well, well. The first Patch for FIFA 22 is finally there. The first patch was launched on October 14th. It was urgently needed, because everyone who has played FIFA 22 should know: Goalkeepers are buggy again this year. So it was the right time for the patch.

The Title Update 1 does contain many changes, e.g. in terms of gameplay and menus. But the most important thing is the fix for the goalkeepers.

First Patch For FIFA 22

The main task of the first patch is of course to fix all the small bugs. The majority is really negligible and probably hardly of interest to you. We'll tell you the most important new features right here:

  • Menu improvements (especially important on PS4)
  • Joe Cole FUT Hero problem is solved (you could not start a game with him in the team)
  • Goalkeepers save high shots fired inside the penalty area less often
  • There are also new animations that will defuse the OP Finesse long-distance shots
  • If there is a counterattack after a corner, the defenders "position themselves more logically"

Sounds good, because it really grinded our gears that the goalkeepers in the penalty area were real monsters who saved everything - but as soon as a curved ball outside the penalty area hit the goal, they are completely lost.

So, to summarize it all: the updates are pretty reasonable. It remains to be seen how and what changes will affect the game the most, but goalkeepers were definitely one of the biggest problems after the launch. If you really want to know about every little change, you can find the full version of EA's Title Update 1 here.