FIFA 22 Meta: OP Formations, R1 Shots, Tactics & More

FIFA 22 has been out for a few days and a clear meta has already emerged. Pro players, esports players, and the community have discovered the craziest and most overpowered things. We reveal which bugs and OP players you need to exploit to succeed early in the game.
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FIFA 22: R1 shots are currently totally OP. | © EA

No matter if you are a professional player or a FUT-noob, you will probably have noticed that FIFA 22 is much different from FIFA 21. If you are completely new to FIFA, you have to familiarize yourself with the meta quickly, otherwise you will be taken apart mercilessly. We have a top 5 of the current FIFA meta for you.

Since EA will change the meta slightly from now on and then through updates, we will keep this article up to date.

FIFA 22 Meta: The Top 5 OP Formations, Players and More

You want to dominate in the upcoming Weekend League? Or you are currently too bad to even qualify for it? Then we have some suggestions for you to take full advantage of the current meta. You don't have to feel bad about it, either, because your opponents will be using and abusing the same OP stuff.

In this article, we will give you tips on gameplay, formations, tactics and skills. We have written several articles about the OP players, so feel free to visit our FUT page. Regarding the meta-players in general, we can say that the range of good players has increased significantly. You could get a Lewandowski, Haaland or Lukaku in FIFA 21, but that has changed fundamentally now. Also, full-backs are out in central defense, because positional play is now crucial.

FIFA 22 Meta: Rank 5 - Low Shots in the Penalty Area

You will probably have despaired of the opponent's goalkeeper many times, as the keepers hold virtually every ball in the 16-yard box. But we will talk about the goalkeepers later. They sometimes make really insane saves. In FIFA 21, the goalkeepers were still able to save shots in the penalty area, in FIFA 22, the goalkeepers will save all shots. So here's our tip: Look for the flat finish! In the 1 vs 1 in the 16, you have to hold L1 and R1 (on Xbox LB and RB) at the same time, and press shoot. Don't forget to aim with the stick into the desired corner. Of course, not every ball will go in, but the shots definitely count to the FIFA 22 meta!

FIFA 22 Meta: Rank 4 - Side Bridge

The most overpowered skill move in FIFA 22 is the Side Bridge. The Side Bridge was introduced as a new skill move in FIFA 22 - and as usual for new skills, it is completely OP. The "normal" Bridge was so annoying in FIFA 21 and gave every player a speed boost. The bridge has now been significantly nerfed, but two new variants of the bridge have been introduced in FIFA 22. Forget the Skilled Bridge, though, it's terrible. It looks nice, but it's totally ineffective. The Side Bridge on the other hand is the best skill move in FIFA 22. Hold down L1 and R1 and flick the right stick in the desired direction. The player performs a quick change of direction, the ball stays close to the player, which is perfect for the following situation. Afterward, you can either shoot at the goal or pass the ball on.

FIFA 22 Meta: Rank 3 - 4-2-2-2 Formation

If you have played some FUT games in FIFA 22, you will have seen the 4-2-2-2 formation in-game quite often. In the current meta, this formation stands out - until probably a big patch will break the gameplay again and everyone will play 5 at the back again. But in the first few weeks, you should definitely try out 4-2-2-2. The formation is so strong, because the CAMs are positioned just right to shoot on goal from the corner of the box in the attack. Furthermore, you can form a triangle on both sides of the attack with the ZDM, ZOM and ST each. In the slow build-up of the game in FIFA 22, this is very important.

FIFA 22 Meta: Rank 2 - Tall Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are a real power in FIFA 22 - but there is one exception which we'll talk about in a moment. Tall goalkeepers are totally OP in FIFA 22. Most shots are defused with sick saves, the reworked trajectory looks really nice. Goalkeepers are also extremely strong when running out, so don't be afraid to play a risky goalkeeping game. We suggest players like Gianluigi Donnarumma or Nick Pope.

FIFA 22 Meta: Rank 1 - R1 Shots outside the Penalty Area

Let's move on to by far the most violent OP thing in FIFA 22: R1 shots from outside the box. We guarantee you that every green-timed finesse shot at the corner of the box will go into the goal. The R1-shots are currently bugged, EA can't have wanted that really every curved shot hits the net. We recommend that you activate the football field as a lawn because from the 25-yard line onwards you can position yourself and finish with R1. The most effective shots are actually from the edge of the box. For example, you can take a short corner, run to the edge of the box, and pull the trigger with R1, it is very likely that you will score. The only way to counter this is to move the goalkeeper. You do that with the right stick. Otherwise, you are really defenseless against these shots.

FIFA 22 Meta: OP Formations, R1 Shots, Tactics & More

The FIFA meta will change occasionally over time, so there will always be different things and bugs in the gameplay. Don't be afraid to take full advantage of the meta.

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