FIFA 23 On PS4 Vs. PS5: Graphics, Gameplay & Features Comparison

We have now played FIFA 23 intensely on both consoles. So, what are the differences between next-gen and the older version? Is it even worth upgrading from PS4 to PS5? Let's answer that.

What are the differences in FIFA 23 on PS4 and PS5? | EarlyGame / EA Sports

Some play it on the PS4, others already on the PS5. When you see big streamers and YouTubers, you notice that the Playstation 5 is much more popular. The run on the NextGen is still huge, but is the expensive upgrade for FIFA 23 worth it? Or can you still be satisfied with your well-known console?

The fact is, of course, that many in the FIFA community are forced to play on the PlayStation 4 simply because they haven't been able to pick up a PS5 yet. Overall, there are advantages on both consoles. So let's take a look!

FIFA 23 On PS4/ PS5: What's Best About The Upgrade

Let's start with the PS4. The main menu is really disappointing. Overall, the menu lags and sometimes freezes as well. Seriously, it’s just damn slow. But we knew that at all from the past year already.

Unfortunately, building a Dream Squad in Ultimate Team is no fun, you sometimes feel like you're in FIFA 09 when you struggle through the menu. This is definitely different on the PS5, the menu runs smoothly, and waiting times are limited. Point for the PS5.

PS4 and PS5 players should know how to invest their FIFA points for max. value.

FIFA 23: The Differences on PS4 and PS5

What about the gameplay? The PS4 handles it rather well. Sometimes unexpected lags occur, but both PS4 and PS5 have troubles with that, and generally this is rarely the case.

Nevertheless, something like this should not happen and should be fixed for the first Weekend League. Otherwise, the gameplay is satisfactory. We notice a difference on the PS4 compared to FIFA 22. Bugs are the same as on the PS5 and the game is generally quite slow on the next-gen. You can definitely get excited about FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4. On the PS5, the difference is noticeable, but not by much.

The gameplay on the PS5 has fewer bugs and no lags. It can be played more fluidly, and you have the feeling that everything is working smoother. The graphics are also better on the PS5. Players are processed much better, the same applies to the stadium and fans. The Ultimate Team transfer market is one and the same on the PS4 and PS5, but Crossplay is not possible.

Here, you will definitely get what you expect!

FIFA 23 Hypermotion
Thanks, Hypermotion. Jack Grealish's hair looks really good now. | © EA Sports

FIFA 23 Differences PS4/PS5: AcceleRATE And Hypermotion Technology

Probably the biggest difference between the PS4 and PS5, however, can be found in the newborn AcceleRATE feature. Particularly tall and heavy players can become much better here with the acceleration type Lengthy and catch up or even overtake the opponent. So they get a boost on longer distances.

The problem: This meta is (was) only available on the PS5. PS4 plebs were only allowed to watch from afar during the “lengthy” hype. Well, it doesn't matter too much now, because players with the Controlled and Explosive AcceleRATE type are no longer as slow as before. Especially the players with the explosive acceleration, for example Vinicius Jr. or Federico Chiesa, have been buffed like crazy.

However, the PS5 can score another point with its Hypermotion technology. Hypermotion 2 ensures even more realistic animations in FIFA 23 compared to last year. As a result, the overall graphics in FIFA 23 on the PlayStation 5 have made another decent leap forward. The PS4, on the other hand, was not equipped with the Hypermotion technology. Too bad.

All in all, the lags in the menu are the most annoying thing on the PS4, game-breaking issues like these should be resolved as soon as possible. So is the upgrade worth it? If any of you play FIFA a lot, the upgrade can be worthwhile.

But if you don't have the highest demands and don't play a lot every day, you are well positioned with the PS4. The gameplay is still really solid, and you can also have a lot of fun on the PlayStation 4. As long as you're not grinding Weekend League, that is...

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