After FIFA 23 Gameplay Update: Lengthy Lost It's Power In FUT

With the latest update the FIFA 23 Lengthy Meta is gone! EA didn't really announce this much and rather hid it in the patch notes. We explain to you why players like Haaland are now not as good anymore...

FIFA 23 Lengthy Meta over
Lengthy is no longer op in FIFA 23. | © EA / EG

It took about a day for the effects of the latest FIFA 23 gameplay update to reach the community. Not only have the L2 OP shots been nerfed, but also the Lengthy players! Erling Haaland, Didier Drogba and Co. are now not as good as in older FIFAs and could soon be completely forgotten.

With the latest update, the Lengthy players haven't really got any worse now. In fact, they haven't gotten bad at all, but the meta will still turn in a different direction.

Patch 4 in FUT Makes Lengthy Players Less Powerful

What we already noticed in the writers' room was confirmed to us by various Twitter users: The FIFA 23 Lengthy Meta is over with the latest update. The reason for this is that players with the Controlled and Explosive AcceleRATE type are now not as slow as they were before.

Especially the players with the explosive acceleration, we think of Vinicius Jr. or Federico Chiesa have been buffed.

At first, we speculated that this could have something to do with a paragraph in the patch notes of Title Update 4 that says: "In some cases, players could incorrectly slow down when attempting to dribble with the ball." But EA "replied" to us and stated that this is not the case.

Until now, it was always like send your Lengthy striker on a run forward, and he couldn't be caught up. As a result, players like Erling Haaland, Alexander Sørloth or Cristiano Ronaldo became really useful. Everyone thought that was what EA wanted. But the problem was that Vinicius was simply so slow with the ball, and his 95 speed didn't come onto the pitch at all. That's why every player put Lengthy players up front.

Transfer Market: Lengthy Cards Are Dropping Massively

The transfer market is really dropping right now, because everyone is trying to sell their Lengthy players, before everyone takes notice. You should think twice about selling your players quickly right now or taking the loss to the grave.

Bur also know this: the patch buffed the Explosive and Controlled running style – Lengthy is still good, just not as OP as before. A Kyle Walker or Ferland Mendy can now finally be beaten with Vinicius, for example.

How are you coping with the new update? Will you change your team again? You should definitely think about it...

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