FIFA 23: Massive Nerf For OP Trivela Shots

The most effective shots in FIFA 23 are getting nerfed with Title Update 4. No more Trivela shots? We show you what that means for the gameplay and the upcoming Weekend League!

FIFA 23 OP Shots nerfed
The overpowered shots in FIFA 23 are getting nerfed! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Right at the beginning of FIFA 23, the Trivela shots, i.e. the ones with the outside of the foot, have attracted a lot of attention. In every Weekend League game, there are several goals where the goalkeepers don't look very good. It seems like every shot goes in, that just has nothing to do with skill! But now EA Sports is rolling out the next big title update, and part of it is supposed to be the adjustment of these very shots.

The Trivela Shots Are Getting Nerfed!

To execute a Trivela, you simply have to hold L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox while shooting, when the ball is on the weaker foot of your player. Then you just have to aim into the far corner, and the goalkeeper will be done for. If your player then also has the Outside Foot Shot Trait, the ball will go in 99 % of the time. At least that's how it was, until now.

Here is an even better hit than the Trivela shot!

Now, EA has included a nerf for these shots in their latest update. The shots of a player, who doesn't have the Outside Foot Shot Trait, will be up to 30 % less accurate. Also, players with this trait are affected by this patch. Their shots will be weakened by up to 10 %. That doesn't seem to be that much at first, but we will have to wait for the real gameplay to judge the effectiveness of this adjustment.

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