FIFA 23 Base Icon Upgrade SBC Review

Getting one of the best football players of all time in your FIFA 23 pack, just for a few untradable cards, doesn't sound bad at all. Is the new SBC worth it?

Base Icon SBC Review
Is the Base Icon Upgrade SBC worth it? | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

EA Sports has, surprisingly, supplied us with a Base Icon Upgrade SBC, which we are able to complete until November 22. Now you're probably wondering: How much is the SBC and is it even worth it? We deliver all the answers!

Base Icon Upgrade SBC – This Could Be In It

In the packs, you get from the Base Icon Upgrade SBC, you can, like the name of the Squad Building Challenge already says, get every Icon in their base version. That means you can unfortunately not pack one of the new World Cup Icons. But there are still some bangers among the Base Icons.

Is The Base Icon SBC Worth It?

This is probably the most important question to ask before completing an SBC. In order to judge whether it's worth it, we need to look at both the SBC requirements, the best possible rewards, and most importantly, the worst possible rewards we could get.

This is definitely worth it as a Christmas gift!

Base Icon Upgrade SBC - The Requirements

At first glance, you don't have to reach deep into your pocket for the new Base Icon SBC. An 85 rated team and an 87 rated team with a player who has an overall rating of at least 88 is all you have to submit for a base icon.

At second glance, however, the SBC costs over 200k. Is it still worth it, or should you rather buy one of the new Path to Glory cards?

Base Icon SBC Requirements
That's what you have to submit for a Base Icon Upgrade! | © Futbin

Base Icon Upgrade SBC - The Possible Rewards

Actually, the reward is always the same. A pack with a random Base Icon. However, we are interested in the Icons we can pull. We need to look at both the best and the worst Icons that could possibly await us.

The best and most expensive Icons certainly include players like Eusébio, Pelé, Jairzinho, Zidane or Cruyff. In total, there are currently 38 Icons that are worth more than the SBC itself. In terms of price alone, these players could be considered a win.

However, there are also players like Litmanen, van Nistelrooy or Verón who could be in your pack. In total, there are 60 Icons that currently cost less than 200,000 coins. So these would be more of an L.

Is The Base Icon Upgrade SBC Worth It?– Our Conclusion

With a so-called Gamble SBC, such as the Base Icon Upgrade SBC, it is always difficult to give a clear recommendation. It always depends on who you pack. One person gets lucky and gets Eusébio, the other gets Litmanen.

You should look at your team and consider which Icons you would really be happy with and which would really strengthen your team. If you have the required coins and still some high rated untradables, and you would be satisfied with most of the Icons, then go ahead and complete the SBC. However, if you can only fit a few selected icons into your team, and you are rather tight on cash anyway, you should keep your hands off the challenge. Take a look at the new World Cup Swaps. There you can get the World Cup Icons of Patrick Vieira and Cafu as well as some great World Cup players for free.

We won't be able to resist the SBC and risk having a Rui Costa on the bench... what will you do?

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