FIFA 22: Title Update 2 Is Here!

Title update number 2 removes some annoying bugs from FIFA 22. Free kicks in the penalty area? Finally, they are gone. Here you can find all details about the second FIFA 22 patch.

FIFA 22 Patch 2 Title Update 2 KI Blocks
Finally, those annoying AI blocks got patched! | © EA Sports

We've just reveived the first patch and we didn't have to wait that long for the second one. And to be honest: that's quite nice! Even after the first update, some things still didn't work, the community surely was divided. But apparently EA is listening to its fans: The Title Update 2 in FIFA 22 does a lot better!

Second Patch in FIFA 22: Defensive AI, Gameplay & More

In Title Update 2, the AI ​​defenders got nerfed. They intercepted high steep passes and in particular crosses and shots with their auto blocks while they were sleeping. "Players controlled by the AI ​​were previously able to stretch too far when trying to block high through passes and crosses," explains EA SPORTS.

Another gameplay change deals with the AI ​​teams on difficulty levels "semi-professional" and higher, who were too good for the developer and are going to be nerfed down a touch. Super important adjustment this – we can all feel better about skills, or lack thereof.

EA has made three further changes to FUT mode, the most obvious feature is the improved penalty shoot-out logic. Thanks to the second patch, the order of the shooters is finally determined by the penalty attribute, and in the event of a tie, shooting power, and finish decide the difference.

The other two adjustments concern the communication in FUT Champions Finals: successful qualification is now indicated on a post-match screen, and it's now more obvious in the user interface that you can only participate once. That definitely makes sense, until now it was difficult to see in the Weekend League menu whether you were qualified or not.

The Changes For Career Mode

The update brought some changes for career mode as well. For example, EA Sports has added new cutscenes for the draw for the European Cups. Then there were also fixes that were sorely needed. In many saves the youth players simply disappeared at the beginning of the second season, other players had problems with the match form of substitutes. Errors in displaying the ratings or the audio during the post match interviews happened were not rare either.

So far, career mode has felt a bit like a bug festival, especially the menu. The biggest bugs should now be fixed. Then let's hope that we don't get stuck in the loading screen of eternity again. It's supposed to be fixed by now. Hopefully.

Does Title Update 2 Fix All Bugs?

Players randomly disappeared, there were free-kicks in the penalty area and stupid own goals - but that's all over now (apparently). Luckily. Sounds like a pretty solid update then doesn't it. If you want to take a closer look at all of the patch notes, you can do so by clicking on this official link. The list is damn long, you could almost think that EA screwed up something with FIFA 22.

Especially in career mode, there were so many bugs in the menu... they really made me quit the game. You don't actually hear that very often that you rage quit because of a menu. But yes, FIFA is FIFA. Everything's a bit weird. In any case, the game should be more playable by now... wait and see.