FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch: EA Bans Multiple Accounts!

In FIFA 22, defeats in Ultimate Team hurt most. We'll show you a glitch that won't let you lose a game in FUT and make you qualify for the Weekend League. But watch out: EA is currently banning a lot of accounts!

FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch - Weekend League Glitch
How to get the no loss Glitch in FIFA 22 | © TEDDY127 via YouTube

Everybody knows this: the grind for the Weekend League is long and arduous, the necessary victories for it must be achieved first. For many, this is not a sure-fire success. In the new qualification, you have to sweat a lot.

But of course, we still want the best rewards so that our Ultimate Team is awesome, and we march with big balls into the Weekend League.

But then reality kicks in: a blatant opponent who tears us apart, 2-0 down after 20 minutes. One less game to make it through. We'll show you how to quit without losing a game.

How the No Loss Glitch Works in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

First of all, of course, it should be said: Using this glitch runs the risk that you will be banned. So, think carefully about whether you are going to do it or not. And it is also clear: cheating and glitching is uncool and unfair. Nevertheless, you should of course find out what you theoretically have to do for it. You're kind of asking for a friend.

This is what you have to do if you are losing again and simply cannot recover:

  • Keep the PS/Xbox button pressed
  • Switch to the home screen
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Go back into the game
  • Game was canceled – click "Ok" to continue

After that, you get back to the FUT menu and can you believe it: You still have as many games to qualify as before.

It's also a little sad that glitches are possible again in this FIFA game. The "good" thing about it: Your opponent gets the victory anyway, that means you can't troll and ruin the game for others.

You can play as many Weekend League qualifiers as you want with this glitch. So you should be able to take part in the FUT Champions too. Let's see when a patch will be released that removes that glitch.

No Loss Glitch: EA Bans Multiple Accounts

And who would have thought that? EA is now banning multiple accounts that use the No Loss Glitch. Somehow it was clear. So should you take the risk and do the glitch anyway? No. Better work on your skill and read our FUT Weekend League and Division Rivals Guide. Because if your account is banned, you have a huge problem...

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