FUT Rewards In FIFA 22: New TOTS Rewards And Different WL Start Time [Update]

Boys are so gross! They only want one thing... FUT Rewards in FIFA 22! Weekend League, Squad Battles or Division Rivals – there are plenty of rewards in Ultimate Team! Here they are.
TOTS Rewards
TOTS means new rewards for FUT. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 22 is gonna make us sweat once again. But as every year, we our rages are worth something, because we earn our sweet FUT rewards! It doesn't matter whether our win in the Weekend League gets robbed by momentum or we are dominating in Squad Battles - opening the reward packs is a pretty sweet moment. So that you also have an idea of the rewards you are working towards in FIFA 22, we are listing all the rewards in Ultimate Team for you here.

In case you're wondering: The Weekend League is now called FUT Champions Finals. We show you all the Weekend League changes in this article! But we don't want to waste any more time and jump straight into the rewards. What can we expect this year?

TOTS Rewards: EA Changes FUT Champions Rewards

Good news for the TOTS time: EA updates the rewards.

There will be guaranteed TOTS Players, TOTS FUT Champions Items and TOTS Loan Players. During the Team of the Season event, the Weekend League will even be temporarily postponed. It only starts on Friday evening, but then goes until Tuesday morning.

FIFA 22 FUT Champions Finals Rewards – Ranks, Time & Release

Everyone wants to go to the FUT Champions Finals. If you've already made it into the new Weekend League, you're already further than me. I can't start a single Division Rivals game with my lousy internet. This year, too, there are only the best rewards in the Weekend League. Once you do well there... you've pretty much played out the whole game.

When Do Weekend League Rewards Come Out In FIFA 22?

You don't have to wait for a specific point in time here. As soon as you have completed your 20 games in the Weekend League, you will receive your rewards straight away. Isn't that awesome?

If you want to get an overview of the rewards, check out the rewards in the FIFA 22 Weekend League!

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Rewards – Ranks, Time & Release

As always, the Squad Battles are an excellent opportunity to easily earn the best rewards. We have already explained why you should play this mode elsewhere. You can work your way up the ranks every week and compete against teams from all over the world. You can determine the difficulty yourself. Of course, there are more points for games on World Calss or Legend than on Beginner. That should be obivous.

When Do Squad Battles Rewards Come Out In FIFA 22?

The Squad Battle rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team get released every Sunday at 10:05 AM (CEST). After receiving your packs, you can immediately start the next battles. And what rewards can you expect there?

You can find the answer in our article on Squad Battles Rewards in FIFA 22!

FIFA 22 Division Rivals Rewards – Ranks, Time & Release

If you want to be at the forefront of Ultimate Team, you can't ignore Division Rivals. But sweating is worth it. In the fight for promotion to the next division, you can secure yourself sick rewards. There are a total of 10 divisions, each with 5 ranks, which you have to conquer step by step. How quickly you can do that depends of course on you. The mode is definitely worth it!

When Do Division Rivals Rewards Come Out In FIFA 22?

You get the Division Rivals Rewards every Thursday at 9 AM (CEST). It's best to mark this on your calendar. If you still use one today. You're probably wondering what rewards you can get in Division Rivals.

Don't worry, here we have prepared all Division Rivals rewards in FIFA 22 for you!

Pre-Season-Rewards in FIFA 22

The Pre-Season-Rewards have been available since October 12th! If you grinded your way through the Pre-Season in FIFA 21, you will now get your well-deserved rewards.

It would have been nice to be able to get them earlier, on day 1 of FIFA 22 they would have been really good. Anyway. In FUT we gratefully accept all rewards.

Overview of the Pre-Season-Rewards:

  • FUT 22 Coin Boost (5 games x 1,000 coins) x2
  • 5 Chemistry Styles (guaranteed 1 Shadow/Hunter)
  • 5 rare gold player contracts
  • 1 FUT 21 jersey choice (Choose from El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, FUT Future Stars jerseys)
  • Gold Player Pack

FUT 22-“A league of its own”-Pack:

  • 3-Gold League Player Pack (1 rare)
  • 3-Gold LaLiga Player Pack (1 rare)
  • 3-Gold Ligue 1 Player Pack (1 rare)
  • 3-Gold Premier League Player Pack (1 rare)
  • 3-Gold Series A Player Pack (1 rare)