Are Squad Battles in FIFA 22 Worth It?

Cuando pienso en Squad Battles, pienso en... buena pregunta, ¿Intercambios de Iconos? ¿Ganar excelentes cartas? ¿O lo aburrido que es jugar contra la IA? Es una mezcla de todo esto...
FIFA 22 Squad Battles FUT OP Coins Icon Swaps
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Division Rivals, Weekend League, FUT Draft — that's what I think about when I open Ultimate Team. Squad Battles is somehow always the lonely loser. Or isn't the mode completely underestimated? How else would we get our Icon Swaps, level the Season Pass and earn OTW cards like Camavinga? Let's take a closer look at the mode...

FIFA 22 Squad Battles: Rewards, Icon Swaps, Glitch & More

What is Squad Battles about? It's a mode where you compete against the computer. The teams are of different strengths. It's sort of the only offline mode in FIFA Ultimate Team. You play it as well as Division Rivals or the Weekend League for rewards, to improve yourself or to get a break from the strenuous sweating opponents. But not only that...

FIFA 22 Squad Battles Icon Swaps

The mode is particularly worthwhile every year when the Icon Swaps come. Then, you can do different tasks in Squad Battles (for example, you have to win 5 games with a Serie A team) and then get a swap. You collect these and at the end, you can buy Zambrotta for 7 swaps, Kaká for 15 swaps and for Ronaldinho for 21 swaps, as examples. These tasks are combined with Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

Do you want to be the champ in the Weekend League? Then we have something for you:

In addition, it gives you XP when you play the mode, which allows you to level your Season Pass faster. Here, you get packs, coin boosts and players. Speaking of players: At the moment, you can get Camavinga OTW, and there are always different cards coming up over the year. Here, too, the mode is extremely worthwhile. It's not exactly fun, though — time goes by really damn slow against the computer. But here we have another helpful glitch for you.

Squad Battles Rewards

Of course, there are also rewards. They are available every Monday from midnight. But you have to play a lot to get some great rewards. We have listed the rewards for you in the various ranks in this article. But at least it is a small incentive.

Squad Battles Glitch

How do you pass the time quickly? Like every year, there is a glitch that makes the game at least a bit more bearable. This year, it works like this: You run with a strong player (central defender, for example) to your own baseline (the ball should be as close as possible to the outside line), when you have positioned yourself, you just press L2. The opponent then no longer gets to the ball and the time goes by quickly. But like I said, you have to hold down L2 all the time.

Are Squad Battles Worth It?

In terms of the fun, no. There is simply no incentive at all to play against a random AI team, it is just so boring. Still, we'd say it's worth it. Icon swaps are such a nice feature, you can invest some time for that. This will start soon, by the way, keep an eye on our FUT area.

The objective players can be nice, but SB can also be worthwhile. In addition, you get rewards every Monday. And above all, you can do well in Squad Battles after a strenuous Weekend League. So, it has some advantages...

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