Weekend League Guide: How to Reach a Strong Rank

The first Weekend League is here and everyone wants to reach a good rank straight away. The rewards are motivation enough. That's why we show you how you can achieve your best rank in the Weekend League.
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The time has come, and you can finally prove yourself in the biggest mode of FIFA 22. What rank do you reach? Is your style of play and your team competitive? And do your friends reach a higher rank than you? So many questions. All information in this article will have a positive effect on your Weekend League. Seriously.

FIFA 22 Weekend League Guide: Your Way to a High Rank

You know very well that the Weekend League has its own laws. Teams, gameplay, servers, match making and more: There are a few things to consider in order to achieve your goal in the Weekend League. So now let's take a look at the most important things.

Competitive Meta-Team

We have already shown the first point in the guides, best starter teams and best strong links. All articles tell you: Even if you have few coins, you have to buy the best players in certain price category. We don't mean the highest rated players, but meta players. Not only called Mbappé and Ronaldo, but possibly Lucas, Correa, Llorente or Lacroix.

Build a good team, if necessary, you can also play one or two players on a 7 chemistry. You have many options here, but you should already see which teams your opponents are playing in Division Rivals. You can quickly see who you have to get in your squad, but as I said, you can also read our articles mentioned above again, everything about teams, coins and trading is included.

Buy Super Subs

Many games last over 120 minutes, then your subs are important. I already miss Simon TOTS, but there are also cards like this in FIFA 22. Look for fast, agile, bustling players who can decide games when one of the wingers runs out of strength. Bailey from Aston Villa, Rodrigo from Leeds or Malen from BVB are a few examples.

Due to Server and Gameplay: Do not Play All Games on Friday

One thing that many FIFA players underestimate. On Fridays, the servers are often a disaster. Everyone wants to play, you can hardly wait. We feel the same way. But don't make the mistake and then play all the games on one day, especially not when you notice how incredibly slow the gameplay is again, including lags and bugs. On Saturdays and Sundays, it usually calms down, then you can play more relaxed (in addition, most sweaters play on Friday).

Split up the games over the weekend. Now, this has nothing to do with the servers, but with your state of mind. All games on one day does not result in a good rank! After unfortunate defeats, you play worse, more aggressively, you defend like Phil Jones. Basically, your performance is worse if you play too many games in a row. So just play five on Friday, seven on Saturday and eight on Sunday for example. On Sundays, in particular, the opponents are noticeably weaker...

Match Making and Defeats

Probably the hardest part: Dealing with defeats or the moment when match making suddenly hits. If you're doing good and a ranked game is coming up, you'd better take a break. After several hours, a series often ends in the ranked game (i.e. if you are one victory before a new rank). Just like when you notice that EA suddenly starts with match making and nothing works anymore - turn off the console or play some Fortnite.

So, how do you deal with defeat? You're triggered, the controller is almost broken... and yes that sounds so easy now, but don't play any more games, it doesn't get any better! You always think that when you're angry, but that's not the case! Turn off the PlayStation or complete SBCs, and it will influence your Weekend League rankings. It's almost the most important thing in the nerve-wracking weekend league - dealing with defeats. If you get that under control, everything is possible. Then we really trust you to win it all.

Meta in FIFA 22

Sure, if you want to win, you have to play well. At least most of the time. And of course, pay-to-win players come by, but if you understand the meta of FIFA 22 and know what is important, you will also win against them. Therefore, it is very important to use the long shots at the moment, for example, or the L1-R1 shots in front of the goal. Same in defense.

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