FIFA 22 TOTS: All Teams And Token Tracker

The absolute highlight at the end of the leagues in FUT? Team of the Season. The best players from the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and more are coming. But, when are the TOTS release dates? How can you vote? And who gets into the Teams in FIFA 22? Release dates, predictions, leaks and more: Find out everything you need to know.

FIFA 22 TOTS Team of the Season
All you need to know about TOTS in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

The FIFA year with all its promos is coming to an end and the football leagues are in their summer breaks. Team of the Year brought probably the highest rated cards for FIFA Ultimate Team so far, but now, the highlight at the end of the season is here: Team of the Season

Find out when the TOTS are coming, who's getting a TOTS card, and how you can vote.

What Is TOTS In FIFA 22?

The best players of the past seasons are included in the Team of the Season. A TOTS includes 15 players. The stars who have performed outstandingly for their clubs in real life can be found in the TOTS of their respective league.

Best thing is: There are not only different TOTS from the top leagues and many others, there is also a vote for all the players who are among your favorites.

FIFA 22 TOTS Release Date In April – When Is Ultimate Team of the Season Coming To FUT?

The first two TOTS in FIFA 22 launched on April 29th. Who performed and is coming in – and who is missing the special TOTS cards? We always keep you up to date.

The TOTS release dates are meanwhile confirmed by EA. We're just waiting for more detials on the CONMEBOL TOTS. Just click through the TOTS of your choice. Scroll down to find our TOTS predictions.

Community TOTSApril 29, 2022
EredivisieNetherlandsApril 29, 2022
Premier LeagueEngland / WalesMay 6, 2022
EFLEngland / Wales

May 8, 2022

BundesligaGermanyMay 13, 2022
SPLSaudi ArabiaMay 15, 2022
LaLigaSpainMay 20, 2022
Liga NOSPortugalMay 22, 2022
Ligue 1FranceMay 27, 2022
Süper LigTurkeyMay 28, 2022
1A Pro LeagueBelgium

May 29, 2022

Serie AItalyJune 3, 2022
Rest of WorldJune 4, 2022
MLSUSA / CanadaJune 5, 2022
CSLChinaNot coming to FIFA 22
Ultimate TOTS-

June 10, 2022

CONMEBOL TOTSSouth AmericaJune 12, 2022

The Ultimate TOTS features the best players from the top 5 leagues in Europe. In other words: The Ultimate TOTS is a second TOTY.

TOTS Swaps – New Token System

We also got a new token system in FUT – the TOTS Swaps. This is what the rewards look like:

  • Rare Players Pack – 2 Token
  • Guaranteed Saudi TOTS Pack – 3 Token
  • Guaranteed EFL TOTS Pack – 3 Token
  • Guaranteed Eredivisie TOTS Pack – 3 Token
  • Guaranteed Community TOTS Pack – 5 Token
  • Ultimate Pack – 5 Token
  • Guaranteed Bundesliga TOTS Pack – 7 Token
  • Guaranteed Premier League TOTS Pack – 10 Token
  • Premier League or Bundesliga TOTS Pick (1 of 3) – 14 Token
  • 25x 84+ Pack – 14 Token
  • Prime Icon Moments Michael Ballack – 17 Token
  • Premier League TOTS Pick (1 of 3) – 19 Token
  • Prime Icon Moments Luis Figo – 22 Token

You can earn a total of 25 tokens. On futbin you can see what you have to do to get them.

TOTS Token Tracker Swap
Get them tokens and swap them. | © EA Sports

FIFA 22 TOTS Predictions – Who Will Make It Into Team of the Season?

The most exciting question in the weeks leading up to TOTS: Who's getting in? Who is chosen by EA and gets a really nice special card? We show you our TOTS predictions for the top 5 leagues.

FIFA 22 TOTS Votes And Leaks

The leaks are getting more and more. We keep you up to date and show you not only the predictions, but also leaks about the TOTS teams.

FIFA 22 Premier League TOTS

We start with the Premier League. Hardly any league is as exciting as the PL – name a league with better players on average. Right, you can't. If you want to compare the players in FIFA 22 with those from the previous year, then you can find the PL Team of the Season from FIFA 21 right here.

In addition to CR7 and Kevin De Bruyne, there are of course many other stars in the PL TOTS. Here is the official Premier League TOTS in FIFA 22.

In case you're wondering why there are no Chelsea FC players in the lineup... The reason for this will most likely be Russia's war against Ukraine and the role of Roman Abramovich.

At least EA has finally done something with the last Title Update and removed Russian players from FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Bundesliga TOTS

Before the Bundesliga TOTS was released, only one question was in everybody's head: how good will Robert Lewandowski be? Last season, he got a 98-rated card. And this time around? Well, let's just say he missed the highest of ratings once more...

EA Sports has released a colorful mix of the best the Bundesliga had to offer this year. No, the Bundesliga TOTS in FIFA 22 does not consist only of Bayern Munich stars. Also, some breakout talents like Nico Schlotterbeck or David Raum made the squad!

Take a look at the official Bundesliga TOTS right here.

FIFA 22 La Liga Santander TOTS

La Liga TOTS without Messi – it's still hard to believe. But this season it actually came true. Instead, Real Madrid's Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior were the MVPs this season and have rightfully made it into the Team of the Season.

By the way, EA Sports revealed the full LaLiga TOTS one day early. They probably saw the Twitter leaks and thought 'why wait any longer, the community knows every player anyway'. Well, yeah. Here's the official LaLiga TOTS in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Ligue 1 TOTS – Now In Ultimate Team

Ligue 1 is live in FIFA 22. More precisely: Paris Saint-Germain and one or two others. No, it's not that bad. Five PSG stars featured in FIFA 21.

PSG had an impressive season and are champions for quite some time. Find out which PSG Stars made it in the Ligue 1 TOTS in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Serie A TOTS: Predictions and Leaks

The championship fight in Italy was exciting until the last match day. Congrats to AC Milan. Last season, one TOTS spot was definitely occupied with CR7. Let's see what stars we'll see this season. Can Ciro Immobile and Dusan Vlahovic be a replacement for Ronaldo?

Check out our FIFA 22 Serie A TOTS predictions and the latest leaks.

FIFA 22 TOTS Card Design

So, this is what the TOTS cards in FIFA 22 look like. In terms of design, it's based on last year, with an "electrifying" update. No earth-shattering change, but still nice!

FIFA 22 TOTS Kartendesign
Well, smash or trash? | © EA Sports

TOTS Warmup Series In FIFA 22 – SBCs, Content & More

We already know this from the Team of the Year back in January – as a warm-up for the biggest FIFA events of the year, EA Sports likes to release the Warmup Series, duh. But before you get too HYPED... no, no new special cards (TOTS) are released during the Warmup Series.

Instead, players can at least enjoy some fresh packs, numerous SBCs, and a ton of other rewards. That's how it's going to be with the upcoming Team of the Season as well – and our favorite leaker FUTSheriff obviously knew it beforehand. The "professional" leaker was also 100% correct about the exact content of the Squad Building Challenges. During the TOTS Warmup Series, we will get a couple of RTTF SBCs, which allows some more Road to the Finals cards to debut in FUT.

FIFA 22 TOTS SBCs And Objectives

What? Your favorite player from your favorite league wasn't in the community TOTS and also not in the normal TOTS... what are you supposed to do now?!

Don't despair because in addition to the TOTS selection, EA will release some SBCs for the TOTS teams again this year. Guaranteed league SBCs are also coming, so you can then secure a player from a league of your choice. There are also some Objectives, the grind is on.

The Fantasy FUT Promo was the last one before TOTS: We have all the players and their upgrades ready for you.