FIFA 22 FUTTIES: Release Date, Teams, Player Predictions & More

The FUTTIES event is one of the most popular promos in FIFA every year. Last year the FUTTIES cards carried FIFA 21 through the summer break, hopefully we will get a similar good content for FIFA 22.
FIFA 22 FUTTIES are coming soon... | © EA / EG

The Team of the Season is still in full swing - the Serie A TOTS has just been released - but we want to take a look into the future. What does FIFA 22 have to offer before FIFA 23 is released in autumn? Well, for one, we can look forward to one of the most popular FIFA events in the calendar. Because towards the end of June or beginning of July the FUTTIES will be released. The FUTTIES cards should be at least as badass as the TOTS cards, or so we hope.

In this article we'll explain what the FUTTIES are all about. But before we do, be sure to check out the Rest of the World TOTS and the MLS TOTS.

What Is The FIFA 22 FUTTIES Release Date?

When exactly the FIFA 22 FUTTIES will be released is unknown, but we assume that the event will start end of June or beginning of July. There is no question that the FUTTIES will be released because the pink cards are very popular with the community. As soon as we know more about an exact release date we will update the article.

What Are The FIFA 22 FUTTIES?

FUTTIES is a special promo in FIFA Ultimate Team in which the community can decide by voting which cards should get an upgrade. In FIFA 21 three batches of FUTTIES teams were released, you can check them out here. Beside the three teams released by EA the community can decide by an in game voting which additional players will get a special card.

How Does The FUTTIES Voting Work In FIFA 22?

FUTTIES voting is really easy. Let's say, for example, Moussa Sissoko and Patrick Schick are up for the vote. Both names are then displayed in the menu and gamers can cast their vote by selecting one of the cards in the club. The player with the most votes then receives the SBC.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Teams / Batches

In FIFA 21 a total of three teams / batches of FUTTIES players were released. These are usually cards which are popular with the community. These cards have been released before in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, for example a TOTS Mbappé, OTW Messi and so on and so forth. So, these "teams" consist of seasoned players who come into the packs. The "real", original FUTTIES are pink cards that you can unlock via SBC or Objective.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Prediction

It's really difficult to predict which players will get a FUTTIES card. But in the last few years some players have been getting their FUTTIE time again and time again, for example Moussa Sissoko or Romain Alessandrini. So you can certainly look forward to these two players at least.


Up to now FUTSheriff and Co. haven't published any leaks, but there is still some time until the first players will be released. If we find out anything we will let you know as soon as possible.


FUTTIES SBC's play an important role at the end of FIFA 22. We will present you the easiest and cheapest solution for every FUTTIES Squad Building Challenge.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Objectives

FIFA 22 thrives on objectives. So much of the fun comes from earning TOTS cards. Yes, it is a lot of work. But nothing comes from nothing, get used to it. We don't know the FUTTIES Objectives yet, but we're already excited for them.


As soon as the first FUTTIES team is released you can read it here. We can't wait!