FIFA 22 FUTTIES: What About The Next Event?

The FUTTIES event is one of the most popular promos in FIFA every year. They will carry us through the hot summer once again. With the Premium FUTTIES there is a cool new feature to link more easily. We'll show you when the next FUTTIES Batch will be released in FIFA 22, how you can vote and latest players leaks.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES: everything you need to know. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

The Shapeshifter event brought some crazy cards with awesome position changes. What does FIFA 22 have to offer before FIFA 23 is released in autumn? We can look forward to one of the most popular FIFA events because towards the FUTTIES will come again this year.

We got all important news about the FUTTIES in FIFA 22! You can find all information about the new Premium Futties, check out the Best of Batches and preview leaked players that come as SBCs.

What Are The FIFA 22 FUTTIES?

FUTTIES is a special promo in FIFA Ultimate Team in which the community can decide by voting which cards should get an upgrade. In addition, there are special teams, the so-called Best of Batches, in which the crème de la crème of the FUT season is once again included in the packs. A total of three batches of FUTTIES were released in FIFA 21.

What Is The FIFA 22 FUTTIES Release Date?

The FIFA 22 FUTTIES were released on Friday, July 15, 2022. Besides TOTY Kylian Mbappé, there also were Winter Wildcards Neymar and FUT Birthday Ousmane Dembélé waiting for us.

FIFA 22: Weekly FUTTIES Voting – How To Vote

EA will release a voting every week that you will find in the FUT menu. You can decide which players become Premium FUTTIES.

FUTTIES: How Can I Vote?

Go to the Store in the FUT menu and select the Player Pick. Then you can pick your favorite (out of 3 candidates). The cards with the most votes will receive a FUTTIES SBC.

Hope you voted for Ousmane Dembélé too!

Premium FUTTIES With "Hero Links"

Before the chemistry system probably will change completely in FIFA 23, the FUTTIES prepare us for more and easier link options.

Just like the FUT Heroes, the Premium FUTTIES give you a green link to players from the same league. You can easily put them in your first team or use them as SBC fodder.

Premium FUTTIES link like FUT Heroes. | © EA Sports


Squad Building Challenges play an important role until the very end of FUT 22. If you never want to miss out on the best FUTTIES SBCs, check out our FUTTIES SBC Tracker.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Objectives – Dynamic Duos

Whether Summer Swaps or FUTTIES, Objectives are also essential in FUT. The best thing about the FUTTIES Objectives are the Dynamic Duos: Two players with the same nation from one club – quick and easy to earn. Could become a thing while the season is ongoing, EA. We're just saying...

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Teams / Batches

Best of batches will bring us cards that were popular with the community. These cards were previously released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

So these batches contain already upgraded players which are then coming back into the packs. We'll show you all the teams and players here, so you know what's waiting for you in the packs.

FUTTIES Best of Batch 1 – TOTY Messi & Mbappé

The first "Best of" batch of the FUTTIES has it all. Team of the Year Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé celebrate their comeback to FIFA 22 and will appear in packs from now on. There are also a few other bangers in the mix. Yes, we're looking at you, Future Stars Jude Bellingham...

Lionel MessiRWTOTY98
Kylian MbappéSTTOTY97
Mohamed SalahRWHeadliners94
Lucas MouraRMFantasy FUT93
Jude BellinghamCMFuture Stars93
Karim Benzema


TOTY Honourable92
Heung Min SonLMTOTW92
Nicolo BarellaCMHeadliners90
Gianluigi DonnarummaGKTOTGS90
Joao FelixCFAdidas NumbersUp90
Futties 22 Best of Batch 1
Some of the best players this FIFA, now live in FUTTIES! | © EA Sports

FUTTIES Best of Batch 2 – With TOTS Benzema And Vinicius Jr.

The second FUTTIES Best of Batch is here! Can it keep up with players like TOTY Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi from last week? Well... the list of footballers is pretty damn long this time around. Check out this monster right here – there are 150 different picks in total. But we'll be so kind and summarize some highlights for you here.

Karim Benzema


Lionel MessiRWTOTS97
Joshua KimmichCDMTOTS97
Neymar Jr.LWTOTS96
Vinicius Jr.LWTOTS96
Christopher NkunkuCFTOTS96
Gareth BaleSTRTTF95
Ousmane DembéléSTFantasy FUT95
Theo HernándezLBTOTS95
Dani AlvesRBFUT Birthday93
Antonio Di NataleSTFUT Captains93

And so on and so forth. You can get your hands on a lot of TOTS cards this time, if you're lucky you'll even pack Vinicius Jr. and make a ton of coins. Otherwise, with such a large number of players, you may see the not-so-good ones come running out of your pack. What a shame, but there's nothing you can do about it.

FUTTIES Best of Batch 3 – With Shapeshifters Messi And Ronaldo

After EA Sports wasn't always really reliable in the last few weeks, they once again announced another FUTTIES Best of Batch. They published a small selection of highlights on Twitter... only highlights? Yes, because you can pack over 200 different Special Cards in total.

Lionel MessiCFShapeshifters99
Cristiano RonaldoLWShapeshifters99
David GinolaSTShapeshifters Hero98
Karim Benzema


Antonio Di NataleRWShapeshifters Hero97
Mohamed SalahRWTOTS97
Ruben DiasCBTOTS97
Christopher NkunkuCFTOTS96
Allan Saint-MaximinSTFUT Birthday95
Ryad MahrezRWTOTGS94
Futties Batch 3
Some highlights from the third FUTTIES Best of Batch! | © EA Sports

FIFA 22 FUTTIES Predictions And Leaks: Saint-Maximin As SBC

It's really difficult to predict which players will get a FUTTIES card. But in the last few years, some players have been getting their FUTTIE time again and time again, for example Moussa Sissoko or Romain Alessandrini. So you can certainly look forward to these two players at least.

We'll keep you up to date with the latest leaks from FUTSheriff and Co. As always, leaks might be not a 100% correct. Ratings are estimates.

STEddie NketiahArsenal FC7492


Emile Smith RoweArsenal FC7694
LMAllan Saint-MaximinNewcastle United7997

FUTTIES: Weekly Cup And Weekend League Rewards

In the Weekly Cup, there are varying league or nation-based squad requirements that will change each week. Test your skills there. EA also has given us new WL rewards. TOTS and Shapeshifters are waiting for you.

1 and 2
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 5)
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 4)
  • 90+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 4)
5 and 6
  • 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 3)
7 and 8
  • Max 92 OVR Shapeshifters + TOTS Pick (1 of 4)
9 and 10
  • Max 92 OVR Shapeshifters + TOTS Pick (1 of 2)