FIFA Pre-Season: All Challenges And Rewards For FIFA 23

The popular Pre-Season is back in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. You can secure first rewards for FIFA 23 to get the best start in the next FUT season. We show you all challenges you have to complete, to get free rewards for FUT 23.

Fifa 23 rewards pre season
The Pre-Season event brings first rewards for FIFA 23. | © EA Sports

After we got a lot of endgame cards in FIFA 22, thanks to FUTTIES Best of Batches and SBCs that upgraded many FUT Squads to the max, the last promo in FIFA 22 is now live.

Here you can see what the Pre-Season is, how you can get rewards for FIFA 23 and what other SBCs and players await you.

FIFA 22: FUT 23 Pre-Season Explained

It's worth doing the FUT grind in FIFA 22 one last time. You can get rewards for FUT 23 and, on top, nice SBCs for FIFA 22. If you can motivate yourself in the coming weeks, you will have a better start in the new FIFA.

FUT 23 Pre-Season Release Has Been Delayed

The Pre-Season event should have started on August 19 (6:00 p.m.). Instead, EA's account for fuck-ups (actually community management) has announced that the promo will be postponed. Luckily, we didn't have to wait until next Friday... after a few hours, EA found the bug in the system and fixed it. We therefore do not assume that the period will be extended. The event is scheduled to run until September 16th.

FUT 23 Pre-Season: Challenges And Rewards

The most important question of all: what rewards can I get in the pre-season promo?

The second week of Pre-Season is focused on getting you started in FUT 23. You can complete time-limited SBCs up to three times to earn the following rewards:

  • Coin Boost (1000 Coins for 5 Games)
  • Two Rare Gold Player Pack

You should also take a look at the Live FUT Friendlies – there you will find a couple of new objectives tied to the Kick Start FUT 23. The weekly rewards are:

FIFA 23 Pre Season Challenges
These Pre-Season rewards are waiting this week. | © EA Sports

The challenges are quickly explained: In order to get the OTW player, you must have at least 7 Manchester City players in your starting eleven in three friendlies (quick start) and score at least one goal. This then continues for each club (Chelsea, Liverpool, Real, etc.), so make sure you always have enough players of each club in your starting XI. After kick-off, you can substitute as you wish.

New challenges and rewards await you every week. We'll keep you up to date here.

Pre-Season Rewards Release Date In FIFA 23

The untradeable rewards will be live available from November 14, 2022. The new FUT Heroes will also be available during this period (on November 11). Until then, all you have to do is log in once in the new FUT. You will get your players afterwards.

Remember that you can only carry the rewards over on the same platform family. Now, if you're on PlayStation 4, your FUT 23 Rewards will be also available on PS5 – but you can't switch to PC or Xbox. Then your rewards are gone.

Sommer Transfers SBCs in FIFA 22

Having already seen Haaland at Manchester City or Mané at FC Bayern thanks to our reliable FIFA leaker FutSheriff on Twitter, we already now we will get Moments SBCs. Robert Lewandowski (FC Barcelona) or new Bayern Munich player Ryan Gravenberch seem to be pretty decent value.

It is kinda awesome to be able to secure a Ones to Watch Superstar. One thing is certain about this event: The last promo in FIFA 22 offers a good reason to grind in Ultimate Team one final time – before many things will change in FUT 23.

Best of Pack Content

Naturally, the crème de la crème of FUT cards are also back in the packs. The full list is 100 players, and you can find it here.

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