FIFA 23 Clubs And Leagues: Juventus Turin Comeback?

We give you an overview of which current and new leagues and clubs will be available in FIFA 23, which will be removed and what will happen to the Russian teams. And can you actually vote for your desired league?
FIFA 23 Leagues
What league do you wanna see in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 22 won't end until at least a few months down the road, but let's be honest: Most people are already getting excited about the next FIFA. That's why we want to cover every news and every leak – in our big FIFA 23 hub article, you can find all the important information about the next FIFA from EA Sports.

In this article, though, we'll only focus on the official leagues that will be included in FIFA. We're obviously ahead of time and information is very scarce at the moment, so expect regular updates to this article.

But the first confirmed piece of news is already here: The Mexican league will not be in FIFA 23. Will Japan's J1 League leave next? And: a leak announces the comeback of Juventus Turin.

Are There New Leagues In FIFA 23?

It is almost always the case that EA promotes and hypes the next FIFA with some new leagues. To be honest, we can't really tell which region will appear in FIFA 23 for the first time yet. But at least the community already has some favorites... more about that in a moment.

Will There Be New Clubs In FIFA 23?

Even without any info or leaks, we can answer this question pretty comfortably with "yes". Why? Well, in England, for example, only the top four divisions are included in FIFA. So if a team is promoted from the fifth division, we're going to see it for the first time. If you then take every single league into account, we can surely look forward to at least a dozen new clubs – no matter if there will be new leagues in FIFA 23 or not.

Juventus Turin Comeback In FIFA 23?

We've made fun of the name often enough. In FIFA 23, the time of Piemonte Calcio could be over. Because the contract between Juventus Turin and Konami has expired and will probably not be extended. This gives EA another chance to secure the licenses for the Italian record champions. Would be nice because we would rather play with Juve than Piemonte. Things are not looking so good for some other teams in Serie A...

Are There New Nations In FIFA 23?

Yes, there will probably be some new nations and national teams in FIFA 23. This makes sense because with the Winter World Cup in Qatar, we have a very special football year ahead of us. According to @DonkTrading, who already leaks a lot of interesting stuff about FIFA 23 on Twitter, the following team nations will return to the upcoming game:

Which Leagues And Clubs Will Be Removed In FIFA 23?

Sometimes even long-standing partner leagues and clubs disappear from a new FIFA. If a league is removed, the clubs also disappear. If they're lucky, they end up in Rest of World. If EA loses a license to Konami, the club is also not originally in the game. SSC Napoli has to take this hit in FIFA 23.

FC Bayern Munich x Konami Partnership – Consequences for FIFA 23?

FC Bayern Munich continues its long-term cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer of computer and video games. This means that Konami is the only developer in the world that can recreate the elements necessary in producing the games in a lifelike manner – that means stadium, players, kit and all other features.

For FIFA 23, however, this will probably not have a big impact. The platinum partnership has existed since 2019 and was simply extended. This means that everything will stay the same as we know it. FC Bayern will still be called FC Bayern, and we can still use the original club crest. Only the Allianz Arena will probably be missing from the game...

SSC Napoli Not in FIFA 23 – What Will Be The Fake Name?

What Napoli will be called in FIFA 23 is not yet known. But it's a fact that after AS Roma, Lazio Roma and Atalanta Bergamo, Napoli will also be in the game under a different name. Hopefully the fake name won't be ridiculous...

BBVA MX Also Not In FIFA 23 – J-League Might Follow

We already know that the Mexican league BBVA MX will not be part of FIFA 23, since developer Konami has secured an exclusive deal for it.

Leaks suggest that the Japanese J1 League will also disappear because of another deal with Konami. However, this is not confirmed. It would be a shame if the J-League won't be there anymore. Players like Iniesta should be in the new FIFA.

As soon as EA Sports reveals more, or any leaks circle the internet, we will, of course, update this article.

How Many Leagues Are There In FIFA?

In FIFA 22, there were a total of 38 different leagues with over 700 licensed clubs. Additionally, quite a few men's and women's national teams were made available in the game. However, we just don't know yet whether the overall number of leagues in FIFA 23 will decrease or increase. But this is quite important because nobody wants to play in the Lemier Preague with Cristoph Rolando and Manchester Seperated. Oh, how we need as many licenses as possible...

These Leagues Are In FIFA 22

  • Argentina
  • Liga Profesional De Fútbol
  • Australia
  • A-League
  • Austria
  • Ö. Bundesliga
  • Belgium
  • 1A Pro League
  • Brazil
  • Liga Do Brasil
  • China
  • CSL
  • Denmark
  • 3F Superliga
  • England
  • Premier League
  • EFL Championship
  • EFL League One
  • EFL League Two
  • France
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats
  • Ligue 2 BKT
  • Germany
  • Bundesliga
  • 2. Bundesliga
  • 3. Liga
  • India
  • Hero ISL
  • Italy
  • Serie A TIM
  • Japan
  • J1-League | Could be removed in FIFA 23
  • Korea Republic
  • K-League 1
  • Mexiko
  • Liga BBVA MX | Won't be in FIFA 23
  • Netherlands
  • Eredivisie
  • Norway
  • Eliteserien
  • Poland
  • PKO Ekstraklasa
  • Portugal
  • Liga Portugal
  • Republic of Ireland
  • SSE Airtricity Premier Division
  • Rest of World
  • Romania
  • Liga I
  • Saudi Arabia
  • MBS Pro League
  • Scotland
  • Cinch Premiership
  • Spain
  • LaLiga Santander
  • LaLiga Smartbank
  • Sweden
  • Allsvenskan
  • Switzerland
  • Credit Suisse Super League
  • Turkey
  • Süper Lig
  • USA/Canada
  • MLS
  • Conmebol
  • Conmebol Libertadores
  • Conmebol Sudamericana

In addition, there are also the women's and men's national teams – but we have not included them in the table because nothing should change here in the near future. As soon as news or leaks will be available, we will, of course, update the table.

Will Serie A Be In FIFA 23?

Serie A and FIFA had a somewhat difficult relationship in the last couple of years – in FIFA 22, four teams of the top Italian division were no longer officially licensed. Atalanta Bergamo (= Bergamo Calcio), Lazio Roma (= Lazio), Juventus (= Piemonte Calcio) as well as AS Roma (= Roma FC) were only available in FIFA under false names. Another top team will join them in the next game: SSC Napoli will also no longer be officially licensed in FIFA 23.

We don't think that any other teams or even the whole league itself will disappear in FIFA 23. Why do we think that? Well, EA Sports announced a partnership with Serie A last year and wants to further expand its influence in Italy. In addition, the Italian Supercoppa will also be continued under the name EA SPORTS Supercup from the 2022/23 season onwards. We would be extremely surprised if Konami works some kind of magic and suddenly gets the entire Serie A...

FIFA 23: What About Russian Players, Clubs & Items?

At the moment, it looks like players have to do without Russian clubs, players, or items in FIFA 23. Since the war in Ukraine began, EA Sports has already released a press statement regarding FIFA 22 and announced that Russia will be removed virtually completely from the game until further notice.

It's extremely likely that this ban will be extended at least until FIFA 23 – as sad as it is to be dealing with these kinds of things in 2022...

Vote For FIFA 23 Leagues – Summary & Favorites

If it was up to the FIFA community, we would have gotten some new leagues from EA Sports long ago. On the website, which is not officially licensed by EA, thousands of players vote for their desired leagues for the next title each week. The results of the vote are then shared every week on the site's social media channels, among others.

Last year, for example, the Greek league won with over 66,000 votes. This league is at the top of almost every single poll regarding FIFA 23 as well. Whether EA will comply with the fans' wishes is still unclear – but a little fan service certainly wouldn't hurt their image.

If you don't really care about the future at the moment and only wanna know what's happening in FIFA 22, then don't worry, we've got you covered. Just check out our FUT calendar, or look for the cheapest solution for your desired player in our regular SBC guides.