FIFA 23 Is Losing Another License To eFootball!

FIFA 23 is losing another license to eFootball. This time it's the Mexican Liga BBVA MX, which has officially confirmed a partnership with eFootball.
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Yes, Mbappé is cool but who is thinking of Gignac?! | © EA Sports

Licenses are still one of the most important thing about FIFA. And anyone who disagrees is lying to themselves. But nowadays, you turn on FIFA and might be wondering what the heck a Latium or a Piemonte Calcio is or why there are fewer and fewer National teams available per game. FIFA is slowly losing licenses, that is the sad truth. And maybe the first thing is, that they are losing them to eFootball, which is barely a game to begin with.

A new case of this has been officially announced recently and will affect the next FIFA title. FIFA 23 is losing another license, this time of an entire league!

FIFA 23 Is Losing Another License! Liga BBVA MX Coming To eFootball

The official Twitter account of the Liga BBVA MX, the top league in Mexico, has announced a partnership with eFootball. That means FIFA 23 will lose the license of this league! Check out the official announcement here:

This is a real shame, since the Liga MX is super unique and a cult favorite among international fans. Who doesn't want a ridiculously OP SBC of Gignac or Thauvin? The legend that is Guillermo Ochoa will be missed too...

Also losing representation through any license just sucks, especially since FIFA always prides itself on having "everything". They are slowly losing out on that claim and that's a big shame. Sure, the Liga MX is not the biggest league in the game and securing the rights to Serie A was most likely a priority for EA.

But MX is one of the biggest leagues in Middle-/Latin America and a big part of the fanbase will not be happy about FIFA 23 losing this license. Also, it will surely not be the last license that EA will lose for FIFA 23, right?