FIFA 22 Is The Most Successful FIFA Ever!

Publisher EA has revealed the business figures of the last quarter recently and... FIFA has launched as successful as never before!

FIFA 22 Launch Header
FIFA 22 is a rekord breaker! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Maths and students usually don't go well together, but numbers don't always have to be boring. Publisher EA, for example, has published their figures for Q3 and... honestly, they tell us a lot about the company, but also about FIFA 22. And yes, the ones who read the title carefully already know it: No FIFA in history had a better launch than FIFA 22!.

EA Sports Q3 Report On FIFA 22 Launch

So, FIFA 22 has been received pretty well... but how good are the numbers exactly? Well, FIFA 22 was the best-selling game in the west last year! Among other things, this was a reason that they achieved the strongest FIFA launch (measured from release until the end of the third quarter) in history.

FIFA 22's strong start continued into this quarter, with unit sales now up double-digits over last year, launch-to-date, and players continued to engage in FUT and invest in their teams.

Why is that, though? Honestly, even though we always like to rant about FIFA and milk EA's mistakes as much as humanly possible, we have to admit: FIFA 22 has a lot of decent content to offer and does a better job in that regard than its predecessor. The events are awesome (Versus Promo and Adidas Numbers Up excluded) and the gameplay feels pretty fresh after some patches. Of course, the year had its fair share of downsides – don't even get me started on the topic of hacking/phishing numerous accounts...

You can think what you want about Electronic Arts, but even outside of FIFA, the numbers are impressive. 180 million monthly users and 540 million active accounts speak for themselves. Of course, not everything is wonderful and great and beautiful. Battlefield 2042, for example, really sucked in terms of revenue – which serves this buggy mess of a game right. Just ask Jon Ramuz what he thinks of the game...