FIFA 22 Numbers Up Promo: Final Upgrades are here!

Don't stop 'til you're 99 – with this slogan the Adidas Numbers Up event started in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. We got all upgrades from all players and how they work right here. The stats got boosted to the maximum now.

FIFA 22 Numbers Up Upgrade
Finale Upgrades incoming. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

The new Numbers Up promo has been around since the beginning of FIFA 22 and has given us cards that will get one stat upgraded to 99 over time. The final upgrade took place just in time before TOTS. Do you still have Numbers Up players lying around in your FUT squad? Their value should be at the peak now.

Say "Numbers Up Upgrade Update" three times real quick and win an amazing prize. Joke, but none of us got it right...

EA Sports And Adidas – What Is The Numbers Up Event in FIFA 22?

The first special cards from the Adidas event have been available since November 12th. Of course, it only includes players who are under contract with Adidas, no surprise.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the shoe deals of your favorite players for yourself, just click on this link.

When Will The Numbers Up Cards Be Upgraded?

The third and last upgrade was released at the beginning of April 2022. With the beautiful FUT calendar, you won't miss any event in FIFA 22.

The overall rating does not increase to 99. So, don't sell house and yard to get the cards. But: They are nice and the pace players in particular could enrich many squads in Ultimate Team. Ever heard of super subs?

Ultimate Team Numbers Up Event: All Players and Cards

Of course, we show you all the new Numbers Up cards that are available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Numbers up 99
The final upgrades are live! | © EA

Those 11 cards are nice, that's safe to say. The boosted pace players in particular are simply outstanding. But will they be used in mid April? We are not sure about that. If those cards would have been finalized in November, this promo would have been so much better, EA.

Numbers Up Cards: All final Upgrades

The FIFA 22 Numbers Up final upgrades are live:





Mats Hummels

Borussia Dortmund

Passing → 99


Declan Rice

West Ham

Passing → 99


Amadou Diawara

Roma FC

Passing → 99

FabiánSSC NapoliPassing → 9986

João Félix

Atletico Madrid

Pace → 99


Diogo Jota

Liverpool FC

Pace → 99


Giovanni Reyna

Borussio Dortmund

Pace → 99


Sergio Reguilón


Pace → 99

Steven Bergwijn (Objective)TottenhamPace → 9986

Moussa Dembélé

Olympique Lyon

Pace → 99

Ángel Di MaríaParis Saint-GermainPace → 9991
Lorenzo InsigneSSC NapoliPace → 9989

Marc-André ter Stegen

FC Barcelona

Handling → 9993
Éder MilitãoReal MadridDribbling → 99
Florian NeuhausBorussia MönchengladbachDribbling → 9986
Marco Asensio (SBC)
Real MadridDribbling → 9987
Dele AlliTottenhamDribbling → 9987
Anthony Gordon (Objective)

Everton FC

Dribbling → 9974 (Bug)

How Do Numbers Up Cards Work?

Numbers Up upgrades will appear regularly throughout the season. At the end of the season, they will reach a 99 in the specific attribute their shoe corresponds to (Dribbling/Handling, Passing or Pace), but their other attributes will also improve to a lesser extent, in addition the OVR will increase by +1 with each upgrade. The Numbers Up Event is now over - the cards have reached their final upgrade.

Speaking of dynamic cards: Click here for the RTTF event. And of course we also have the current Headliner ratings.