FIFA 22 Top-Trader Hack: EA Does Nothing

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can also be played without money, you just have to be able to trade reasonably well. Some are particularly good at this and appear in the top 100 list. It's just stupid if you get hacked – and EA support even helped the hackers.
FIFA 22 Hacks
Unbelievable scenes | © EA Sports / Trymacs via Twitch

Publisher EA can be blamed for a lot, but at least the promos in FIFA 22 are really nice. Regardless of whether RTTK, Rulebreaker or the Versus event: So far, there have almost always been - no, not you, Adidas Numbersup Event - extremely awesome cards on the market.

But remember the fact that things are going wrong in the company. EA bashing has almost become a hobby for some members of the community, but it's definitely happening right now. Among other things, the account details of the Portuguese FUT trader @seleiro_joao were leaked. By whom? From EA's Service Chat. All information here!

EA and the FIFA 22 Account Data

Sounds bizarre, and it is, and it gets even more bizarre with the following details. Guess how many times has Joao Seleiro's account been hacked? Once? Pff, it would be nice. Twice? Nope. He had to fight back his account three times and, according to his own statements, changed his data, among other things, and in the end he still couldn't do anything about it. Here is the thread:

The EA Live Chat Service probably just passed his accounton information on to random other users - without any verification and several times. On Twitter and Reddit, this EA failure naturally triggers hate and incomprehension again... and to be honest, we get it. Especially since Joao Seleiro is apparently not the only one affected by the attacks.

Hack: Trymacs Loses 22,000€ Account

Incredible scenes. The german content creator trymacs loses his whole team and all coins. Insane. He's famous for putting in a lot of money in FUT. In this clip he's saying that he found his account with all players sold. More than 18 Million worth of coins gone.

Trader Wael (@narcoinsfc) - also represented in the Top 100 list - no longer had access to his account for a short time. The hackers used an alternative email address to gain access to his account. In the meantime, EA support has intervened and he got his account back.

With FUT_Senpai, Wael and Joao Seleiro, the accounts of three traders were attacked in just one day.
Of course, this is outrageous and also quite embarrassing for EA, if it happens often and with several people. Better focus on it than wrongly banning traders...