Numbers Up Event: The Worst FIFA Promo Ever!

The Numbers Up event was hyped in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team ... until the team and SBCs showed up. Now the community is disappointed – we tell you why.
FIFA 22 Numbersup Event flop Gamerbrother
Have we ever had such a bad event in FIFA? | © EA Sports

What did you do there, EA? Sure, the cards look quite nice, but the whole promo was just... so bad. The Numbers Up event was a flop, and the community is upset about the futility of these cards. Let's take a look at why the Numbers Up event was that bad.

That's Why The Numbers Up Event Is The Worst Promo In FIFA 22

We already mentioned in this article what Numbers Up cards are all about. But let me tell you: It's about Adidas advertising players that EA selected and gave them these special cards. The first indication that the event is a disaster are the prices of the special cards. Most of the players can be afforded by any casual player. Why EA? We just had the market crash...

The reason for the low prices: disinterest. The FIFA community just doesn't care about the cards. There's just nothing special about these players. Another reason is the large number of special cards - a problem that the community has been complaining about for years. EA does not manage to calm down a bit and bring not that many special cards into the game. Therefore, the players are simply overwhelmed with the many events and promos. The Numbers Up SBCs also weren't that good...

Numbers Up Card Upgrades: Why in April?

The orange Adidas cards get the upgrades in December and April. April 2022? Who still pays attention to the Numbers Up cards then? Probably nobody. In April, we already got the TOTY (and as we know EA 10 more events as well), in addition we are getting closer to the Team of the Seasons. FUTZone almost perfectly summarizes the dilemma:

By the way: Florian Neuhaus or Mats Hummels may be cool guys in real life, in FIFA 22 EA didn't even begin to give the two top players any meta values. So we can definitely understand the reaction of the FIFA community. Don't we all enjoy the beginning of FIFA the most? More gold teams than rainbow squads?

Unfortunately, this phase is now over. Hopefully we won't get that many promos in FIFA 23. Or what is the name of the next part of FIFA?