Second Market Crash in Ultimate Team: Why Are All Players Cheap?

Did you notice how incredibly cheap all FIFA Ultimate Team cards are? The transfer market is broken. Again. But what's behind all that? And which players are cheapest? There is one simple reason for that...

FIFA 22 Marktcrash Ultimate Team FUT Cheap
What's up with the transfer market? | © via YouTube FUT Mentor

First of all – I don't want to complain here. To get all my favorite players for such a low price... Could definitely be worse! But the situation right now is really unlikely. The FIFA 22 release was only a few weeks ago, but all the players are cheap af. This has never happened before!

Goretzka for 30k, Dembélé for 19k, even for Neymar you only have to pay 600k... That higher rated cards like the ones of Hakim Ziyech or Koen Casteels don't cost so much is a normal thing in FIFA 22! But enough with looking at prices, let's see why this happened and whether it might change soon.

The First Market Crash in Ultimate Team

There were several reasons for the first market crash. On the one hand, it was of course due to the insanely high Weekend League Rewards. Due to the new Weekend League changes, you only need 8 wins for Elite 3. Others are complaining, I am snacking my sweet rewards.

But if everyone's getting such insane rewards, nobody had to buy the players on the transfer market. That's why the prices were s(t)inking. In the end, every average FIFA player had an OP team just a few weeks into the game. No one cares about starter teams anymore... unless you do?

Fun fact without any fun – if you lose all of your 20 games in the Weekend League, you still get rewards, which are similar to last year's Gold 3. Finally, I am getting blessed by the FIFA gods too!

To clarify, Premier League players and highly rated cards were usually priceless in October! Another point: Pack luck. Have you also noticed that the packing gap has been screwed up? That's really nice from EA, but that also results in a broken market.

Since nearly every second player is spending real money for FIFA points, it's more likely, that more meta players are landing on the transfer market. That could also make the prices decrease.

The Second Market Crash in Ultimate Team

The preview packs that almost everyone opens every 24 hours are another reason why prices are falling the second time in FIFA 22. And that is also a phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes it's 7.5k preview packs, but this time...

On Sunday, however, a 50k pack came into the Ultimate Team shop. With the preview packs, you can see what cards you can expect before you buy them. And with this pack, the chances of getting good cards are not so bad, after all, it is also one of the best packs in the game.

Of course, not everyone pulls something incredible, but with the mass of players opening this pack, it is all the more likely to get some worthwhile cards. The cards from these packs then ended up on the transfer market - and seem to have caused an oversupply.

Therefore, there were several reasons for the first market crash and why even the best players in FIFA 22 are relatively cheap and noticeably stronger teams will be facing us in the next Weekend Leagues. Mainly, however, the second market crash came because of the 50k preview pack. Or should I say the crash came because of EA's kindness?