Castro_1021 Gets Perma-Banned in FIFA 22

Well, that's huge: Castro_1021 one of the most famous FIFA streamers has now been permanently banned from the FUT transfer market in FIFA 22 by EA. What happened?

Castro Header
Castro in his natural habitat: the FIFA menu. | © Castro1021 via Twitter

Well, that escalated quickly. Castro_1021 has received a perma-ban from EA for the FIFA 22 FUT transfer market. The reason: The Manchester United Fan is accused of Coin distribution. Accusations with severe consequences for him: Buying or selling players is no longer an option. Once again, if EA is ever taken for a ride, they act quickly. For other things, like the FUT Hero Preorder Packs, they like to take their time.

Typical EA?

FIFA 22: Coin Distribution

The publisher has strict rules on the subject of Coin distribution. The following entry can be found on the EA website for FIFA rules:

Don't Distribute Coins

Coin distribution inflates the FIFA economy. That means disrupting the safe buying and selling environment that legitimate players are trying to use to get the players they need for their Ultimate Team.

Castro's Reaction to His FIFA 22 Ban

After a few connection issues with the EA servers – nothing unusual in FIFA – the red "Account at Risk" message appeared on his screen and informed him about his transfer market ban. How do you think he reacted? With leaps of joy? Nope. Castro was rather pissed, as the following clip from his stream shows:

We get it, after all, he spends several thousand pounds in every new FIFA. We'd also want to sell our useless players... even if they're worthless this year. Besides, we all know that EA is somewhat arbitrary with bans.

In the end, neither we nor the publisher know for sure whether he really distributed coins. In the past, accounts were blocked incorrectly. And before the upcoming TOTGS event, a transfer market ban is of course particularly annoying.

Does that mean that the chapter transfer market for Castro_1021 in FIFA 22 is closed? Hmm, probably not. In the end, we can assume that his account will probably be reactivated at some point in the near future.

After all, he's one of the biggest FIFA streamers in the world, and of course EA wants to see him trade again. We, the "normal FIFA players", would have no chance. Anyone who has ever gotten a Transfermarkt Ban knows that.