FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: EA Announces Massive FUT Changes

Ultimate Team is and will be FIFA's most popular game mode. EA announces massive changes in FUT 23 after they showed us the new Heroes. We get crossplay, new rewards, a new positioning system, the World Cup – and chemistry will be changed completely.

FUT 23 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
FUT 23 changes: EA deep dives into new Ultimate Team features. | © EA Sports

Most of the people who are already extremely hyped about FIFA 23 only want to play Ultimate Team. No, we're not saying that just to disrespect the career mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA – well, how can anyone respect VOLTA – that's just a fact. Ultimate Team has been the main mode of FIFA for years, and that won't change anytime soon.

To help you get off to the perfect start in FUT 23, we've summarized all the important information for you here. EA has confirmed many leaks and announced massive changes. As soon as we will start FUT 23 ourselves, we will also provide you with tips, tricks & guides here. Here we go!

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – All New Features

Ultimate Team continues to be the most popular game mode in FIFA and is just a money-printing machine for EA Sports. Even when FIFA soon will no longer be called FIFA, Ultimate Team will continue to exist. Over the years, not only the pool of players and Special Cards has changed, but also the mode itself.

Time and time again, features are removed from the game and new content is added. EA revealed the new FUT 23 features now...

FUT Crossplay For PlayStation And Xbox: What Will Happen To The Transfer Market?

In FIFA 23, the cross-play feature finally awaits us right from the start. The feature also comes for Ultimate Team, the special thing about it: consoles have one and the same transfer market. This will create many new trading opportunities and price developments. If you want to know more about it, we have something for you.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Comes With New Chemistry System

FIFA 23 overhauls the FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry system to give you more flexibility when building your dream squad in FUT 23. A simplified system allows your favorite players to share chemistry. No matter where they are on the pitch, matching players in your starting XI based on shared club, league, and nation combinations will work out like that.

You can have Manuel Neuer in goal and Thomas Müller up front – and they still link perfectly. Basically, players no longer have to stand next to each other to create good chemistry.

FUT Moments: New, Easy Rewards

FUT Moments will be a new mode that focuses on single players. You can complete shortened matches and collect rewards as a result. Based around real world events or FUT events, there will be scenarios and tasks for you to complete. Earn Stars to redeem for FUT Moments Rewards throughout the season. Sounds good!

EA Removes Position Changes: Player Have Up To Three Main Positions

You want to play as CM with Florian Wirtz? Sure, a position change is required to change him from CAM to CM. In FUT 23, players have primary and secondary positions based on their behavior in real life.

Joao Cancelo plays both right-back and left-back at Man City, so he can fill both positions in FUT as well.
So you don't need to change positions anymore, the players will fill in their positions that way as well. Our FUT stars can have up to three different positions.

World Cup Brings New Mode And World Cup Heroes

EA has come up with something again for the World Cup year. The FUT World Cup Heroes will be released on November 11. World Cup kick-off in Qatar is November 21... EA announced a FUT World Cup mode will come, but nothing more.

So, we're also assuming there will be more Heroes (and icons too) in the game than ever before.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes
FUT World Cup Hero versions officially announced. | © EA Sports

Fresh Icons And Heroes

Icons and Heroes are simply the Crème de la Crème of FUT cards – anyone who has ever played FIFA knows that. If you pack one of them right at the beginning of a new Ultimate Team season, you're one of the luckiest players out there. You can use these special cards yourself or sell them for a lot of coins.

So far, there were 105 Icons and 17 Heroes in Ultimate Team – according to some rumors, EA Sports will increase these numbers significantly for FIFA 23. What a significantly larger selection of special cards (right at the FIFA launch) would do to pack rates and the transfer market remains to be seen. We got something on the new transfer market down below.

Heroes were first introduced in FIFA 22, but the community was immediately in love with the new feature – at least for the first few weeks. However, many of the Heroes were too weak and couldn't keep up with the weekly events after a while. The FUT Captains brought them back to live. The concept of upgrade Heroes will continue in FIFA 23 with the World Cup versions.

On top, @FutSheriff tweeted an interesting piece of info. Some players who were implemented as Icons up until now, might have been downgraded and will only be in FIFA 23 as Heroes. So far, he talked about Hidetoshi Nakata and Jay-Jay Okocha as examples. This should probably make the Icons a little rarer again. It remains to be seen if that comes true.

New Ultimate Team Events

The backbone of Ultimate Team are the events that start every week on Friday. Not only fans can be happy about fresh content, but also EA Sports about gamers who once again put money into FIFA to open packs.

You will find a detailed event calendar for FIFA 23 with all relevant dates here soon. After the launch of Ultimate Team, you can look forward to new Ones to Watch Superstars. The Team of the Year (around the end of January) and Team of the Season (around May) are some of the biggest highlights of the year.

In addition, the Team of the Week is published on Wednesdays. Normally, this goes on from week one until the end of FUT. In FIFA 22, however, EA Sports prematurely discontinued the TOTW because, to be honest, no one was interested in it anymore. It definitely needs a few innovations to bring the mode back to its former glory. As described before, we are already looking forward to a FUT World Cup mode in FIFA 23.

New FIFA 23 Web App And Companion App

EA didn't announce big changes, but there is a new version every year. The Web App is your faithful companion and friend for Ultimate Team. You can improve your teams, complete SCBs, offer players on the transfer market and open packs – without the cool animation.

For many of us, the journey starts in the web app. Normally, your access is already activated a week before the actual release. You should also download the Companion App to your mobile phone so that you can always react to market fluctuations on the go.

FUT 23 Leaks And Rumors

Of course, there are still leaks on the internet which are not confirmed yet. Here are the most important innovations for Ultimate Team, which have already been clearly teased (leaked)...

No More Position Changes In FUT

Position changes have been an integral part of FIFA for years and actually serve several functions at once. On one hand – and you won't believe me now – they are there to change the position of player objects. Wow. It's important to get every single one of your players to full chemistry because otherwise, they're just completely useless.

On the other hand, they were quite a good way for us Road to Glory players to trade a few coins, especially at the beginning of FIFA. You should always try to squeeze every penny out of your FUT starting packs. This means to not only offer players, but also position changes on the transfer market. Some of them went for 5,000 coins. In FIFA 23, however, the developers will perhaps get rid of position changes – at least according to current leaks.

FUT 23 Player Ratings Update

With every new FIFA, EA Sports adjusts the player ratings according to their performances over the last season. This is probably the most exciting phase before the actual launch, when the top 100 ratings are published step by step, and you can put together your first starting squad.

Rating predictions are always popular among the community – after all, we all think of us as the best coach in the world when watching football. That's why it's always so fun to predict the new FIFA ratings of your favorite club. And, as you can see, we already had a lot of fun:

What's not to love here? You came for just some news on Ultimate Team changes, and now you even got some predictions on top of that. Without giving ourselves too many probs, we weren't that far off with most of the predictions for FIFA 22. Let's hope that many of the leaks won't be wrong, either, because some new features sound really cool and also long overdue.