Manchester City In FIFA 23: Rating And OTW Predictions

Erling Haaland is now the new star striker at Manchester City, was this the transfer needed for the Champions League title? We predict the ratings for FIFA 23!

Manchester City Prediction FIFA 23
What FIFA 23 rating will City newcomers Erling Haaland and Kalvin Phillips get? | © EA / EG

The 2021/22 season has seen a lot of changes in football. While some teams were able to continue their performances from previous years, other teams failed to meet their own expectations.

This was not only reflected by the number of special cards in FIFA 22, but also affects the ratings of the individual clubs in FIFA 23. Who will be the best team in the world in the new game? Who has the strongest midfield? We at EarlyGame give our predictions for the ratings in the upcoming FIFA. Besides the top 100 players, we also include the individual clubs.

Let's have a look at Manchester City!

Manchester City In FIFA 23

Before every season Manchester City is considered to be the top candidate for the Champions League title, and this year is no different. Erling Haaland is THE transfer of the Citizens in recent years. The Norwegian arrived from Borussia Dortmund for a ridiculously low 60 million euros fee, and he is expected to get City the long-overdue CL title. Kalvin Phillips replaces Fernandinho, who left for his homeland Brazil – and thus provides more dynamism in midfield. City will be one of the best teams in FIFA 23, if not the best team.

Manchester City Transfers – OTW's

In the last weeks the Skyblues were very active, the transfer policy is clearly recognizable. They want to climb to the top of Europe with more robust player types, players like Gabriel Jesus or Raheem Sterling left the club. Haaland and Phillips could be new OTW's.

  • Erling Haaland (ST) | FIFA 23 Rating: 89 OVR
  • Kalvin Phillips (CDM) | FIFA 23 Rating: 83 OVR
  • Stefan Ortega (GK) | FIFA 23 Rating: 79 OVR

It's for sure that Manchester City will get some rating upgrades, though. Last season was damn strong, especially three Portuguese players were outstanding...

Manchester City FIFA 23 Ratings: Biggest Upgrades & Downgrades


  • Nathan Aké (CB) | FIFA 22 78 OVR –> FIFA 23 75 OVR
  • Jack Grealish (LW) | FIFA 22 84 OVR –> FIFA 23 82 OVR


  • Rúben Dias (CB) | FIFA 22 87 OVR –> FIFA 23 89 OVR
  • Phil Foden (CAM) | FIFA 22 84 OVR –> FIFA 23 85 OVR
  • Julián Alvarez (ST) | FIFA 22 75 OVR –> FIFA 23 81 OVR

Manchester City In FIFA 23 – Ratings Prediction






Zack SteffenGK77

76 (-1)

Stefan OrtegaGK


79 (+1)
Rúben DiasCB


89 (+2)
Aymeric LaporteCB


John Stones




Nathan AkéCB


75 (-3)
Oleksandr ZinchenkoLB


79 (-1)
João CanceloLB


87 (+1)
Kyle Walker




Kalvin Phillips


83 (+2)

Phil Foden
CAM8485 (+1)
Ilkay Gündogan


Yangel HerreraCM


77 (-1)
Kevin De Bruyne



Bernado Silva


87 (+1)

Jack Grealish


82 (-2)

Riyad Mahrez



87 (+1)
Erling Haaland
ST8889 (+1)
Julián Alvarez


7581 (+6)

At first glance, this doesn't look that big, but it is. EA doesn't like to give big upgrades in the very high rating regions, so the +2 for Dias or +1 for Cancelo can be seen as a "big" upgrade. City will certainly do something on the transfer market, because especially in the offense the width of the squad is not there. Jesus and Sterling still need to be replaced. Alvarez has played an insane season in the Argentine league, the forward was already signed in the winter and then got loaned straight back to River Plate. Can he prove himself as a Haaland backup?

Kevin De Bruyne In FIFA 23

De Bruyne was voted Premier League player of the season, the Belgian is probably the best midfielder in the world. However, since De Bruyne is already 31 years old, he probably won't get an upgrade from EA. We would give the playmaker a 91 OVR in FIFA 23.

Rúben Dias In FIFA 23

There are more than a few who say that Rúben Dias is the best central defender in the world. The Portuguese exudes a composure that you wouldn't expect from a 25-year-old. His FIFA rating will rise by +2 OVR to an 89.

João Cancelo In FIFA 23

Cancelo was forced to help out as a left-back due to Benjamin Mendy's suspension (jail). And he did that outstandingly. The TOTY Perfect Link to Dias also remains unforgotten. We didn't quite dare to give Cancelo a +2 upgrade, but he definitely deserved it. Cancelo's rating is upgraded from 86 to 87 in FIFA 23.

Erling Haaland In FIFA 23

How quickly will Erling Haaland have an impact at Manchester City? Surely he has a different story for FIFA. Haaland is a difficult type of player in FIFA because he's just so big and immobile and can't skill. You either love him or you hate him. What is clear is that Haaland will get a rating upgrade for FIFA 23.

Riyad Mahrez In FIFA 23

Mahrez is pretty underrated in our opinion. It's kind of obvious too, he never has the greatest scoring numbers or the best FIFA pace. But he very often plays the penultimate pass or initiates the attacks with his inimitable dribbling. Despite his 31 years he gets a +1 upgrade to an 87 OVR from us.

Ederson In FIFA 23

Ederson is one of nine (!) City Walkouts in FIFA 23. If Phil Foden gets an 86, then it would be even ten. That would be a new and unique record. Theoretically we could also write about Rodri, Bernado Silva and Laporte here, but at some point enough is enough. This club is so loaded with money that it just has so many walkouts in FIFA. The rage ends here, no worries.

This Is How Manchester City Could Look Like In FIFA 23

Although Pep Guardiola will still do something on the transfer market, this starting eleven already looks scary. Imagine these players with our rating predictions for FIFA 23 – damn.

City FIFA 23
Haaland will be a monster within this squad. | © Futbin

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Is Manchester City In FIFA 23?

Yes, Manchester City will be part of FIFA 23. Unlike Piemonte Calcio (Juventus Turin) for years we definitely don't have to do without this club.

And that's it for the rating prediction of Manchester City in FIFA 23. How do you rate the transfer period so far? Have some new meta-players joined the club? Are there any new possibilities in team building? We are really hyped about FIFA 23 and all the new features that have been leaked so far!