Juventus In FIFA 23: Ratings And OTW Predictions

Which teams performed good or bad during the 2021/22 season? And how does that affect the respective squad ratings in FIFA 23? Here you can see our prediction for Juventus – which will be back as original club in FIFA 23.

Juventus FIFA 23 Prediction Header
Will Juventus look like this in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

A lot has happened in world football in the 2021/22 season. While some teams were able to build on their performances from previous years, other teams failed miserably to meet their own expectations.

We at EarlyGame give our predictions for the ratings in the upcoming FIFA 23. Apart from the top 100 players, this also includes the individual clubs.

Today, we will predict the Juventus FIFA 23 player ratings! We say RIP Piemonte Calcio and welcome back to Juventus! We had to live with the fake name for four years, now the Bianconeri are back as the original club.

Juventus In FIFA 23

From 2011 to 2020, Juventus won the Scudetto 9 times in a row – but in the past two seasons, they were unable to build on their achievements. Of course, this is also reflected on their ratings in FIFA because the current squad looks... pretty poor. The Bianconeri have not been able to keep up with other international top teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City or Real Madrid for quite some time now.

Transfers – OTWs

Before the new season finally begins, Juventus absolutely has to act on the transfer market. So far, a few of their best players in recent history parted ways with the club... Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa, Merih Demiral and Federico Bernardeschi are already gone, and Matthijs de Ligt was sold to Bayern.

With Paul Pogba and Ángel Di Maria, two big names have already arrived, but they will no longer be able to help them in a few years, especially internationally. There is still a lot to be done so that Juventus can keep up with Inter and Milan in the 2022/23 season.

  • Paul Pogba (CM) | FIFA 23 Rating: 85
  • Ángel Di Maria (RW) | FIFA 23 Rating: 86
  • Bremer (CB) | FIFA 23 Rating: 80

Biggest Upgrades & Downgrades


  • Paul Pogba (CM) | FIFA 22 87 OVR –> FIFA 23 85 OVR
  • Ángel Di Maria (RW) | FIFA 22 87 OVR –> FIFA 23 86 OVR
  • Leonardo Bonucci (CB) | FIFA 22 85 OVR –> FIFA 23 84 OVR


  • Dušan Vlahović (ST) | FIFA 22 78 OVR –> FIFA 23 82 OVR
  • Weston McKennie (CM) | FIFA 22 77 OVR –> FIFA 23 79 OVR
  • Bremer (CM) | FIFA 22 76 OVR –> FIFA 23 80 OVR

Juventus In FIFA 23 – Ratings Prediction



Wojciech SzczesnyGK8787
Mattia PerinGK8080
Leonardo BonucciCB8584 (-1)
Daniele RuganiCB7779 (+2)
BremerCB7680 (+4)
Luca Pellegrini


7475 (+1)
Alex SandroLB8382 (-1)


Juan CuadradoRB8383
Mattia De SciglioRB7678 (+2)
Manuel LocatelliCDM8283 (+1)
Denis ZakariaCDM8080
ArthurCM8381 (-2)
Paul PogbaCM8785 (-2)
Weston McKennieCM7779 (+2)
Adrien RabiotCM8180 (-1)
Nicolo RovellaCM7074 (+4)
Aaron RamseyCM8079 (-1)
Federico ChiesaRW8383
Ángel Di MariaRW8786 (-1)
Dušan VlahovićST7882 (+4)
Moise KeanST7980 (+1)

Juventus' squad is... pretty slim and relatively weak, to put it lightly. Should Matthijs de Ligt move to FC Bayern Munich for the coming season, at least two new center backs will be needed. The club also needs to add more players in other positions in order to be able to compete for the title again.

Paul Pogba In FIFA 23

Step 1: Sign Paul Pogba on a free transfer from Manchester United's youth team. Step 2: Develop him into a world-class player and sell him to Manchester United for 105 million € a few years later. Step 3: Bring him back for free (once again) when he's in his prime (age). Step 4: Profit. Paul Pogba will be able to strengthen Serie A teams in FIFA 23 – but also has to expect a downgrade because of his many injuries and poor performances.

Angel Di Maria In FIFA 23

In my opinion, Ángel Di Maria is extremely underrated. Although he is already 34 years old, I firmly believe that he can still help Juve next season. Especially since Federico Chiesa is unfortunately still injured, the transfer definitely makes sense. Sadly, the Argentine is probably too old for FUT. We're certain that he's about to get downgraded in FIFA 23. And let's not even talk about his pace because we all know how EA treats older players and their pace.

Dusan Vlahovic In FIFA 23

If there is one position where Juventus is well-equipped for at least more than five years, it's the striker. In the winter transfer window, the Italian champions secured the services of Dušan Vlahović. This guy is not only a future star, but also one of the most sought-after center forwards on the market. He will get a hefty upgrade, which should undoubtedly bring him above 80 in FIFA 23.

Prediction: What Juventus Could Look Like In FIFA 23

Last season, Juventus often played in a classic 4-4-2 formation or a slightly wider 3-5-2. Currently, however, it is still very difficult to predict the new formation. The reason for this is the many departures in the summer. And Juve has not been really active on the transfer market yet. This is what the lineup could look like (as of now):

Juventus FIFA 23 Aufstellung
Is it enough for the Scudetto? | © FUTBIN

Is Juventus In FIFA 23?

Yes, Juventus is back as an original club in FIFA 23. After Italy's record champions had to accept the shame of being included as Piemonte Calcio for four years, we say goodbye to the fake name. The club has "ceased operations, effective immediately", lol.

And that's it for the rating prediction of Juventus Torino in FIFA 23. How do you rate the transfer period so far? Have some new meta-players joined the club? Are there any new possibilities in team building? We are really hyped for the last FIFA.