FIFA 23: New FUT Transfer Market Explained

EA has dropped big news about FIFA 23. Among other things, it was explained that there will be a completely new transfer market in Ultimate Team. In this article we explain how the whole thing works.

FUT 23 Transer Market
How will the new FIFA 23 transfer market work? | © EA / EG

EA has announced some changes for FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team. You can check out all general news about FIFA 23 here, before we go into detail about what we can expect in the new FUT 23 transfer market in this article. Because the newly introduced FIFA 23 Crossplay opens up completely new possibilities.

FIFA 23 is now officially on the market. The pre-orders are already live and we know you addicts – you probably already bought the Ultimate Edition with all its bonuses. But all the other game modes will get their new features as well, especially FIFA Ultimate Team. Today we want to talk about the transfer market in the most popular FIFA game mode.

FIFA 23: New FUT Transfer Market Explained

For the first time in FIFA history different consoles and platforms will be connected via crossplay with the release of the game. You can check which consoles can interact in a separate article. Through crossplay, you can play against an Xbox Series X|S user with a PS5 in the FIFA 23 Weekend League. This means that the FUT transfer market will also be shared between the different platforms. So the different transfer markets between the different platforms have been abolished – with one exception. Whether EA will also change the design and operation of the transfer market is not yet known.

FIFA 23: These Consoles Use The Same Transfer Market

The FIFA 23 transfer market is divided into two parts. The following platforms share the same transfer market:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Stadia

The following platforms are not included in the transfer market above and therefore have their own separate FUT transfer market per platform:

  • PC (Pool 1)
  • Switch (Pool 2)

EA writes about this on their website:

This means that the above platforms do not share a FUT Transfer Market with any other platform. This FUT Transfer Market update will apply to all players within FUT, and is not dependent on a player's cross-play opt in/out status.

The reason for this is probably that PC players would have a huge advantage with bots to acquire items and players, hence the separate transfer market. Note that the PC and Switch each have their own transfer market.

FUT 23 Transfer Market Is Independent Of Crossplay Settings

As you could see from EA's quote, the FUT transfer market will always be live and connected to the other consoles regardless of your crossplay settings. This means that if you don't want crossplay, you can turn it off, but the transfer market will not be affected. If someone wants to sell a player on the market via Stadia, then someone can buy that player via their PS4, even if they have crossplay disabled.

FIFA 23 Transfer Market Brings New Price Development

Because of the consolidation of all consoles and players there will be a much higher demand for the respective objects of course – on the other hand there will be more objects to buy altogether. So it remains to be seen how exactly prices will develop. A first assumption would be that the prices of players will not be as high as in the past, that is simply based on supply and demand. So the new transfer market should be especially appealing to newcomers and casual players, because you don't have to play as many games or draw packs to be able to afford a good player. But as I said, that's not a fact yet.

Position Cards Are Gone

The new chemistry system also does away with position cards, some of which actually had a relatively high value. FUT cards can now no longer be converted from a ZDM to an ST at will, they can only play in the main and secondary positions. Say an Emre Can from Borussia Dortmund can be played as CB, RB and CDM without any problems. However, it will then no longer be possible to convert him to a CM or CAM. The lack of position cards won't really affect the market significantly though.

FIFA 23 New Transfer Market: FUT-Trading

To what extent the new transfer market will affect trading is also difficult to predict. At least those who preferred to use the sniping method (search for extinct players, update every second and then buy the card by instant purchase) will obviously get much more competition here.

As soon as we get more details about the new FIFA 23 FUT transfer market we will tell you directly here.