FIFA 23 Career Mode Innovations: Original Coaches, Transfer Analysis And More

FIFA 23 will include the beloved Career Mode. But what changes are coming and are we getting nice new features? EA now delights us with official information. We can finally play as original coaches, get transfer analysis, a new menu and an overhauled player career.

FIFA 23 Career Mode coaches
FIFA 23 career mode lets us play as real coaches. | © EA Sports

Before the official launch of FIFA 23, we have information about the relaxed mode for hobby managers. Don't want to play FUT, just want to play and lead your favorite club to the top of the world? Then the career mode in FIFA is the right place for you.

For FIFA 22, the career mode changes were... simply too little. EA will have to take it up a notch in FIFA 23. The first features are officially announced, we got all news about the career mode in FIFA 23.

EA Announces New, Real Coaches

Did the developers, who are responsible for career, watch our video? EA states the following changes for the career mode on their own website:

Live out your football dreams as a coach or as a player, define your personality as a player, take on the role of some of the most famous coaches in the football world and look forward to a new way to play out your season with Playable Highlights.

Alright, more to come on the revamped player career below. But the opportunity to take on the role of, say, Thomas Tuchel? That's awesome! We've been wanting that for years.

Career Menu And FUT Menu Merge

The Career Mode menu is getting a facelift in FIFA 23. EA continues to work on creating a unified system. The new career menu will then be very similar to the FUT menu. One man's meat is another man's suffering.

Transfer Analysis

An important aspect of real life is finally arriving in FIFA. A transfer analyst will rate our new signings – this in turn affects the manager rating at the board. Sounds good, but hopefully it won't be broken and consists of only two options, namely good or bad.

Reworked Player Career

The Player Career in FIFA has had various small "diseases" in recent years. It's annoying that sometimes, despite outstanding performance, you're supposed to be sold or loaned, can't decide for yourself when and how to extend your contract and the worst thing: Which drunk coaches are actually doing the line-ups?

Bugs, inconsistencies, missing options: The Player Career has been "nice to have" for years – but has also urgently needs fresh features (that promote realism) and more options.

Personality Traits Will Show Player's Character

FIFA 23's player career is more in the direction of Pro Clubs. The personality traits for our created professionals are new. Through them, the players become more individual and their character is captured. There will be three traits: Maverick, Heartbeat and Virtuoso.

If you shoot a lot on goal and want to score from every situation, you get, for example, the personality trait "Maverick". This allows you to increase your finishing skills.

You can check out the whole Deep Dive trailer here.

No Online Career Mode In FIFA 23 – But In EA Sports FC?

We have to keep waiting for the online career. It would be really delightful to be able to play on a career together with a buddy via an online feature. But EA leaves us hanging once more in FIFA 23. But is there something waiting for us after the renaming?

EA will make their last FIFA with FIFA 23. Then that's it. Well, not for their football simulation. In 2024, it will be renamed to EA Sports FC – and it needs a new audience. The online career would then really be a cool, completely new way to celebrate your career. Working with a buddy on the Road to Glory and being able to rush from title to title with the dream club would be a good reason to buy EA SPORTS FC.

In case the picture looks familiar to you: Yes, it was created by your favorite FIFA site EarlyGame. FUTZone could have at least given us a shoutout... Kind regards.