FIFA 23 Career Mode Leaks: New Stadium Editor, Player Career, Online Mode

FIFA 23 will include the beloved Career Mode. But what changes are coming? And, are we getting nice new features? We take a look at the first leaks. The customization options for your own stadium are said to be expanded – but we will have to wait for EA Sports FC to play online.
FIFA 23 Karriere Career mode stadion stadium
Will there be new customization options in FIFA 23 career mode? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Not in the mood for FUT, rather just start and lead your favorite club to the top of the world? Then the Career Mode in FIFA is the right choice for you. In FIFA 22, the Career Mode changes were... just not enough. EA has to be more creative in their next game.

At EarlyGame, you can find every piece of important FIFA 23 news, but if you're only interested in Career Mode, then we've also got you covered.

What Changes In FIFA 23 Career Mode? Leaks Announce New Features

We already indicated that we were disappointed with the Career Mode "upgrades" in FIFA 22 (create your own club – that's it... and it was already possible in previous parts). Now we're hoping for some really cool innovations for Career Mode in FIFA 23.

[Update, 06/29/22]

Career Mode In FIFA 23 With Player Career Rework?

The Player Career in FIFA has had various small "diseases" in recent years. It's annoying that sometimes, despite outstanding performance, you're supposed to be sold or loaned, can't decide for yourself when and how to extend your contract and the worst thing: Which drunk coaches are actually doing the line-ups?

Bugs, inconsistencies, missing options: The Player Career has been "nice to have" for years – but has also urgently needs fresh features (that promote realism) and more options.

Apparently, that will be different in FIFA 23. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hope that the grind with your own Pro will be more fun. We all want to put legends like Ronaldo and Messi to shame in this mode.

[Original article, 06/02/22]

More Options To Create Your Own Stadium?

The first leak we got was via Twitter: There will be a new feature called "Stadium Builder & Editor" in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Scoreboards, the appearance of the stadium and the capacity can be edited and changed.

It would be pretty neat if you could expand your own ground from the 10,000 seats mini stadium up to the 100,000 seats super arena. As old Football Manager veterans, we're also hoping that bugs will be limited. In case you don't know what we mean, your own stadium often looked like this after expanding the seats:

FIFA 23 Karrieremodus Stadion
Please don't copy it, EA. | © lollujo via YouTube / Football Manager 21

No Online Career Mode In FIFA 23 – But In EA Sports FC?

Now that it is clear that EA will make their last FIFA with FIFA 23, the question naturally arises: What are the bigger, new features in FIFA 23? A leak announces that the much-requested Online Career Mode will not come with FIFA 23.

Makes sense because that would be a really new way to play your Career. Working with a buddy on the Road to Glory and being able to rush from title to title with the dream club would be a good reason to buy EA SPORTS FC.

If the picture looks familiar to you: Yes, it was created by your favorite FIFA site EarlyGame. FUTZone could have at least give us a shoutout...

New Cutscenes, Pre Match Talks And Transfer Negotiations

After all, there are a few more leaks about innovations that, if they come true, are also urgently needed. The cutscenes, player talks and transfer negotiations are really stale and haven't evolved significantly since a couple of years. We would be really happy about that!

FIFA 23 Career Mode Changes: Put In Some Work, EA

The leaks are sounding more and more fun. It's questionable whether we can really change original stadiums as we like. After all, they are licensed so that they can be in the game exactly as they are. Sounds more like this is only an option when creating your own club.

Honestly, a few new options for the stadium are nice, but we would like to see a number of other innovations (especially if you dare to compare it with FM). The options to train your best talents, the entire scouting feature and the transfer negotiations urgently need an update. It feels like it's always been pretty much the same for four or more years.

Of course, we also know that EA earns its money primarily through FUT. Still, if FIFA doesn't go free to play like PES/eFootball, they might as well put some love (and hard work) into Career Mode. For example, we're still waiting to finally stand on the sideline as original coaches.