FIFA 23: More Icons & Heroes Than Ever Before

Icons and Heroes are amongst the most important Special Cards in FIFA. For team building they are actually indispensable and in FIFA 23 we probably get much more variety...

FIFA 23 Icons Heroes Leak
Will there be a lot more Icons and Heroes in FIFA 23? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Icons are always one of the most popular card-types in FIFA. This is not only because of their awesome white-gold design, but also because they link to every other player in the game. The heroes were also celebrated by the community when they were first introduced in FIFA 22.

So what will happen with these two Special Card types in FIFA 23? A trustworthy leaker has now stated that we will have a much bigger pool of players than ever before. To be precise: There will be twice as many Icons and Heroes as in FIFA 22. Would be crazy, but can this actually be true?

Twice As Many Heroes And Icons

The news we are talking about today comes from one of the biggest FIFA 23 leakers at the moment. @DonkTrading has posted the following on Twitter:

According to this tweet, the number of Icons and FUT Heroes in FIFA 23 should be about twice as big as in FIFA 22. At this point, we want to remind you... We already had a staggering 105 legends to choose from until now. Additionally, we also had 17 heroes at our disposal. It would be kind of crazy if EA Sports doubles these numbers for FIFA 23 – this would probably bring the total amount of players to over 200.

But honestly, is the leaker trustworthy, or is all of this stuff just made up? Well, Donk is one of the biggest FIFA leakers, he has already provided correct leaks from time to time – which FutSheriff could confirm – and he dropps FIFA 23 news like no other person out there. Thanks to him, we already know that EA Sports wants to rework the chemistry system in FUT. On top of that, he also reported that the way players are linked will change quite a lot.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know exactly which new faces we can look forward to. There have already been the first couple of rumors for potential FUT Heroes, and two legendary players in particular have been mentioned again and again as new Icons. However, EA Sports will only tell us whether these leaks will prove to be true in the coming weeks and months.