FIFA 22 SPL TOTS Unleashes Talisca, Banega & Ighalo In FUT

In Saudi Arabia, there are no meta players for FUT – but with Team of the Season, the SPL will be exciting for once in the FIFA year. Here's everything you need to know about the SPL TOTS in FIFA 22!
Everything you need to know about the SPL TOTS in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

The season is getting to its most exciting phase: in the Champions League, some dream matches are upon us and in FIFA 22, we have the Team of the Season – probably the second-biggest event of the year after the TOTY in January.

We're already incredibly hyped for the TOTS, as you can see in our hub article. Team of the Season is one of these FIFA events that's always great and extremely fun to predict the outcome of. Which individual players of each league will be featured? Well... what are we waiting for? Here is our the final Saudi Pro League Team of the Season in FIFA 22! On top of that, we got our own predictions for you down there...

SPL Team of the Season In FIFA 22

Shortly after the Bundesliga TOTS was released in FUT, EA Sports also dropped the Team of the Season of the Saudi Professional League (SPL). We've already known this beforehand as we've seen the same schedule with the Premier League and the EFL...

You can look forward to opening these players in your packs:

Éver BanegaAl ShababCM8294
Anderson TaliscaAl NassrCF


RomarinhoAl IttihadCAM7792
Odion IghaloAl HilalST7591
Christian CuevaAl FatehLW7391
Salem Al DawsariAl HilalLM7690
Bruno HenriqueAl IttihadCDM7390
Ahmed HegaziAl IttihadCB7589
Ezgjan AlioskiAl AhliLB7388
Farouk ChafaïDamac FCCB6988
Vladimir StojkovicAl Fayha


The complete SPL TOTS! | © EA Sports

Well, let's be honest here: These are actually more powerful upgrades than we expected. As you can see from our prediction down below, our ratings are significantly lower...

One of the consequences of this is that players like Talisca are highly sought after on the transfer market and cost several 100K coins – and that's if the player is available on the transfer market at all. Nevertheless, you won't see any of these players more often than Premier League stars in the Weekend League...

SPL Team of the Season in FIFA 22 – EarlyGame Prediction

You can find more than one star in Saudi Arabia. They may no longer have meta stats, but they will definitely be useful thanks to the TOTS. Anderson Talisca went there before the season and keep an eye on top scorer Ighalo. Here is our prediction for the Saudi Pro League Team of the Season in FIFA 22!

Saudi Pro League TOTS Starting Eleven

Marcelo GroheAl IttihadTH7688
Ezgjan AlioskiAl AhliLV7386
Iago SantosAl ShababIV


Ahmed HegaziAl IttihadIV7585

Éver Banega

Al ShababZM8288
Igor CoronadoAl IttihadZOM7687
Matheus PereiraAl HilalZOM77


RomarinhoAl IttihadZOM



Anderson TaliscaAl NassrMS8290
Léandre TawambaAl TaawounST7386
Odion IghaloAl HilalST7590

Well guys, of course we won't see the finest meta players for FUT in the Saudi Pro League TOTS, but not every Team of the Season has to only consist of 99-rated cards. It's enough for us if we can play old-school again with Odion Ighalo, who hasn't received a single special card in FIFA 22 apart from one TOTW.

Admittedly, that doesn't really look impressive now. But most of the players get an 86+ rating, and we expect some 90 OVRs as well. Just use your imagination, you can do it!

Okay friends, the Saudi Professional League Team of the Season in FIFA 22 is finally here! Look forward to the next couple of weeks, as the content seems to be superb this year! Right now, we already got some SBCs, which you should definitely complete! And even if you just want to play a bit, you at least have something to grind for with Icon Swaps 3...