FIFA 22: How To Use The Loyalty Glitch

The Loyalty Glitch – our good old friend is back in FIFA 22! We'll show you how you complete any Squad Building Challenge. More loyalty without annoying losses... sounds perfect.
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How does the Loyalty Glitch in FIFA 22 work? We got you. | © EA SPORTS/

You want to smash the Weekend League in FIFA 22? First, you'll need some fancy starter players... but we already covered that. Your next step are the Squad Building Challenges. And as you probably already know – Loyalty is king. We show you how you can use the loyalty glitch to get some sick bonuses on your team's loyalty!

What is the Loyalty Glitch in FIFA 22?

Especially when it comes to Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), the loyalty glitch is your way to go. You probably know how loyalty works anyway, so let's keep it short: once a player has completed 10 games in Ultimate Team, he will receive the loyalty trait. This gives him +1 chemistry point.

You don't necessarily need the glitch for your team to reach the 100 chemistry points, but for SBCs, this trick is a pure pleasure. Often you have to complete teams with a certain chemistry level and that can become pretty difficult with all these random and untouched players in your squad.

How does the Loyalty Glitch in FIFA 22 work?

If you already have experience in Ultimate Team, you probably know how the Loyalty Glitch works. You have to start a Squad Battles match with the team you want to send in for the SBC. You can exit the game shortly after kick-off. Do this ten times and all your players will receive the loyalty bonus.

But! If you do the same in FIFA 22, the match you quit counts as a loss. Instead, follow these steps:

  • All players who should get the loyalty trait are in your starting XI.
  • Choose friendlies.
  • Select Play Online and then start a live FUT friendly game.
  • Play the game or quit it (as usual).
  • If you quit, it doesn't count as loss, but the player gained one more match.

If you followed these steps, the mission 'Loyalty Glitch' is accomplished. As I already said, you can use the players primarily for squad building challenges. This trick is a very good way of completing a lot of SBCs in a short amount of time.

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