FIFA 22 Title Update Divides Community

EA Sports actually wanted to improve its game with the FIFA 22 Title Update. However, the patch did not go down well. There are now two camps in the community.

FIFA 22 Title Update
I wonder how, I wonder why? | © Essentially Sports

Actually, we're already used to it. While some are celebrating FIFA 22 and are happy about the big FUT rewards, others complain about the changes in the new game. The new Weekend League in particular has been criticized in the last few days, many players don't like the FUT Champions Finals. There were no changes to the rankings or rewards in the title update, though, EA Sports wanted to fix the bugged goalkeepers and some OP shots. But you know the FIFA community... every decision is wrong. The community is divided – and we dive into the battlefield.

If you look at the changes from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22, you could actually be satisfied. At least on the next-gen. The new features were almost all exclusive to the new generation of consoles. So for all broke people – or as we say in Germany 'Geringverdiener' – it sounded like: "EA Sports. It's NOT in the game."

Nevertheless, the build up play was improved, the goalkeepers were stronger (maybe a little too strong), the AI was simply not as stupid as in previous years. It could all have stayed that way. But nope. EA had other plans again. FIFA 22 just feels like FIFA 21 again. Nice.

FIFA 22 Title Update Doesn't Do Anything Better

Anyone who downloaded the update and was looking forward to a good, if not better, game... was disappointed. The gameplay is similar to that of FIFA 21. Far too many goals, spamming skill moves and through passes are just OP. If you show up in your opponent's box, congratulations – you just scored a goal. Finesse shots are still OP, but that's a good thing. In the end, it requires skill. But the rest? Sounds more like mystery ball without boosts to me.

Of course, there are always different opinions about patches. Especially when it comes to FIFA. That the goalkeeper's difficulty has been reduced by a little makes sense. By the time the patch was released, my thigh muscles had nearly quadrupled... the unrealistic saves of the goalies made me jump every damn minute. But do we really have to go straight back to old weaknesses?

EA Sports just went from one absolute to the other. Anakin Skywalker would be proud of them. But this is not how you make a game better, it unfortunately divides the community further. What do you think about this?

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