FIFA 22: The Best and Cheapest Icons! R9, Viera, Schmeichel and Co.

Icons are an important part in FIFA Ultimate Team. R9, Pelé, Eusebio and so on. But which icons are new in FIFA 22? Which icons are the best? Which icons have the best price-performance ratio?
FIFA 22 icons
Who is the most expensive and best icon in FIFA 22? | © Birdiex94x via YouTube

Every year, more and more icons are introduced in FIFA. In total, there are 105 different icons - and each of them is special, because icons are quite rare and really hard to draw in packs. There are few people in this world who are so lucky and instantly just draw Ronaldo.... So be it, I have never pulled an icon in my life, and probably never will.

FIFA 22 has been on the market for a few days now, and the original sweaters and credit card holders must have already invested a lot of time, points and coins in the game. You will be surprised, but there are already some icons in circulation. Before you rush out and buy the next best legend, though, here are some tips on the best cards in the game.

FIFA 22: The Best and Cheapest Icons! R9, Viera, Schmeichel and Co.

Iker Casillas, Cafu and Robin van Persie raise the total number of icons in FIFA 22 to 105. So, the choice is huge, but some old stars are unfortunately not really playable, because they don't fit to the current FIFA 22 meta. At the beginning, of course, not all icon variants are in the game, especially the Prime Icons will be released later this year - EA wants to make the highest possible economic profit on us.

Some of you might not have the cash and daddy or mommy dear won't budge and give you his credit card. So, today, we will show you the cheapest icons with the best price-performance ratio in this article. For those of you who got into debt again and sold your soul for FIFA Points, we will also show you the best and rarest icons in the game.

FIFA 22: The Cheapest OP Icons

Let's say this in advance: If you want to play a really good icon, you have to put some coins on the table. Our first insider tip for a playable and cheap goalkeeper icon is Peter Schmeichel. The Dane and father of Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City) has an 86 OVR in his baby variant and costs around 150k. Sure, you can get better gold cards for these coins, but it's just an icon.

In defense, we can recommend Baby Javier Zanetti. The Argentinian left defender has an 87 OVR and costs less than 300k. He has five stats, with at least an 80 rating.

A gritty midfielder is ex-Frankfurt player Jay-Jay Okocha. Again, we recommend the baby variant, as it costs around 400,000 coins. Okocha has 5-star skills, 88 pace and 92 dribbling. His pace in FIFA 22 is easily enough to cause problems for every defense. In-game, you can also play the Nigerian as a ten-man or on the left wing to shoot at the goal with R1.

Okocha Stats
Jay-Jay Okocha has a killer price-performance ratio. | © FUTBIN

The strikers are not that cheap to get, of course, they are the most popular group of players. You don't really want to believe that you can play immobile and slow strikers in FIFA 22. Nevertheless, an attacker needs at least 4-star skills, and more than 85 speed is also important. And that's where the selection of strikers gets narrow. We have tested Luis Hernández and thought he was great. You can currently buy him for 650k, for which you get 91 pace, 91 shooting and 87 dribbling.

FIFA 22: The cheapest OP Icons

Peter Schmeichel


86143,000 Coins
Javier ZanettiLB87295,000 Coins
Nemanja VidicCB88295,000 Coins
Jay-Jay OkochaRM85398,000 Coins
Sol CampbellCB85425,000 Coins
Luis HernandezST87646,000 Coins
David TrezeguetST89293,000 Coins

FIFA 22: The Most Expensive and Best Icons

Now we come to the crème de la crème, which are the most expensive and best cards in the whole game. Ronaldo (R9) clearly stands out here. R9, with 10.5 million coins, is by far the most expensive card in FIFA 22 - and at the same time the rarest.

Ruud Gullit is traditionally the best midfielder at the beginning. There are already some players who play Gullit and Goretzka at CDM. Costs, after all, only a measly 8.2 million coins. For half the Gullit coins, you could also play Viera, his physique is inhuman. Eusebio, Johan Cruyff or the 95 Maradona are of course also playable.

R9 Stats
R9 is the most expensive card in the game. | © FUTBIN

The most expensive defender is Roberto Carlos, for the legendary free kick taker you will have to pay 1.55 million coins. As a central defender, we can advise you to buy Rio Ferdinand or Marcel Desailly, both have 84 and 83 speed respectively. You don't need to play Carlos Alberto Torres in the IV, in FIFA 22 the positional play is more important than the speed of the full backs.

FIFA 22: The most expensive and best Icons

Lev YashinGK91470,000 Coins
Rio FerdinandCB85829,000 Coins
Marcel DesaillyCB87730,000 Coins
Roberto CarlosLB881,550,000 Coins
Patrick VieraCM884,390,000 Coins
Johan CruyffCF913,300,000 Coins
EusebioCF894,000,000 Coins
PeléCF956,300,000 Coins
Ruud GullitCM907,600,000 Coins
RonaldoST9410,690,000 Coins

These are the best and cheapest icons in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. If you don't have the necessary coins for these players yet, don't be ashamed or surprised. There is still enough time to grind. We will keep you updated with the prices and OP players of the icons. Be sure to check out this article to learn everything about the current FIFA 22 meta.

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