How To Pack A TOTY In FIFA 23

Everyone wants one and only very few get one. The Team of the Year is live in FIFA 23. We show you a trick how you can at least increase the chance of getting a TOTY in FUT. Let's go!

How To Pack a TOTY
How to pack a TOTY in FIFA 23. There are some tricks you should know. | ©EA Sports / EarlyGame

Ok, let's face it: if you want to pack a TOTY in FIFA, you need one thing more than anything. We're talking about pack luck. Unfortunately, nobody can change that.

What we can tell you, however, is how to increase your chances of getting a TOTY in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: How To Pack A TOTY

Every one of us is dying to get one: a Team of the Year player. They are the very best cards in FUT – until the end of the season! Unfortunately, only very few of us will see one in their squads.

But there actually is one simple trick on how you can push your luck to the limit.

Save the packs! Sounds simple, but it's hard.

But seriously, if you listened to us and waited until January, 27 you will be rewarded. Well not for sure but chances of packing a TOTY are higher as the final XI, the 12. Man, all Honourable Mentions and the TOTY Icons are in packs until February 3.

For everybody who runs out of packs – we got your back! Check out the best league upgrade SBCs to get another shot on packing a TOTY:

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