FIFA 23: 82+ x20 Pack SBC – Is It Worth It?

We take a closer look at the 82+ x20 Pack SBC in FIFA 23. After all, you get 20 players with a rating of at least 82. We'll show you which cards you want to draw and what you have to give up for the SBC.

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The 82+ x20 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team | EarlyGame | EA Sports

The Future Stars promo is going on right now and the content isn't that bad, can't say anything bad about it. On top of that, we've also now received an 82+ x20 Pack SBC. 20 players with a rating of at least 82 are offered in the SBC. You can find out everything you need to know about the SBC here!

82+ x20 SBC in FIFA 23

The 82+ x20 SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the perfect opportunity to pull crazy players. I mean, one or the other Future Star looks fantastic. Of course, the whole thing can go not as well as you thought it would.

So of course you are left with the question, is the SBC worth it, or should I not complete it? To clear that up, we need to look at what the requirements of the SBC are and who we can get in the best and worst case scenarios.

The Requirements

To complete the SBC, you must turn in 2 teams. An 83 team with at least two players rated 85 and an 84 team with an Inform.

85 cards are currently worth 17,000 coins and are therefore hardly on the market. So if you complete the SBC with no players from your club, you will have to spend 92,000 coins.

The requirements for the 82+ x20 SBC | Futbin

The Best And Worst Pulls

Of course, the best players to get are icons. But let's be honest, that's not going to happen anyway. Next best are the Future Stars. Here you want players like Julian Alvarez, Mykhailo Mudryk or Gavi. Hardly anyone is worth anything among the gold players, Mbappé or high rated SBC fodder would be best.

There's no way you don't want to pull walkouts. It's unlikely, but we all know such EA fails. But it shouldn't surprise you if you only have 82-85 OVR cards in your pack. I don't know if I would be really happy about a high rated gold card. Well, fodder for the club can't hurt in itself...

Is The 82+ x20 Pack SBC Worth It?

We think the SBC is worth it and recommend it! Who can say no to a little gamble? I mean, if you have twenty cards with an OVR of at least 82, there will probably be something there. The medium good Future Stars cards would also be something.

Nevertheless, the SBC should only be completed if Fodder is present in the club and the SBC can therefore be completed cheaply. We're not a fan of spending all your coins on an SBC. Good luck...

What did you get?

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