FIFA 23: The Best Future Stars SBCs – With De Ketelaere And Thuram

Future Stars is the latest FIFA 23 promo. We'll show you which ones are worth it: Here are the best Future Stars SBCs in Ultimate Team.

Future Stars SB Cs
The best Future Stars SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team | EarlyGame | EA Sports

Team of the Year was a real hit this year, but EA Sports isn't keeping to that standard. The Future Stars in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team are very nice, but have also been better in the past. Nevertheless, we currently have cool youngsters with insane cards and daily content in the form of packs and SBCs in FUT.

Future Stars is one of the more successful promos in FIFA, with new SBC and objective content every day. So that you can keep an eye on all tokens for the Future Stars Swaps, we have a token tracker for you here. Here, we will show you the best Future Stars SBCs.

The Best Future Stars SBCs

EA has released at least one good SBC every night so far. It included both Future Stars promos and Token-SBCs. You have been able to get hold of several swaps tokens with cheap SBCs alone.

This is especially useful for players who do not have the time to earn all the tokens. Now let's take a look at the Future Stars SBC cards:

Future Stars Khéphren Thuram SBC

The OGC Nice French midfielder looks really good. Equipped with Gullit Gang Member stats, he is very well received by the community. You have until February 19th to get the man.

The SBC is a bit expensive though. You would have to spend 175,000 coins if you don't have anything in the club. With fodder in the club, however, you could complete him for very cheap. Ligue 1 and France are a perfect for chemistry...

Thuram SBC
PositionCM, CDM
Price175,000 Coins




Weak Foot3

In order to complete the SBC, you must each submit a team of 83 with an inform and a player from France and a team of 86 with a Ligue 1 player.

Future Stars De Ketelaere Player Pick SBC

The AC Milan forward comes with two 90 OVR versions. Who to pick? Wait wait... What about Victor Osimhen POTM – he's a lot cheaper and comes with 95 pace... just sayin.

But of course Charles De Ketelaere looks promising. The lad is 6'4" and comes with 88 or 91 pace and 5 Stars Skills or WF: oooh my my mamma mia. You have until 2/17 to complete him.

But 300K is also quite expensive, so it should be worth the investment. We recommend going for the ST-De Ketelae. The boosted Physicality is nice, making it much harder to separate him from the ball. Also, 5 Star Weak Foot is always recommended for a Forward. Either way, before you go in, make sure you can link him and handle tall strikers.

De Ketelaere SBC
Attributes (Version 1)

Attributes (Version 2)

PositionST, CF, LWLW, CF, LM, ST
Price320.000 Coins320.000 Coins


Weak Foot54
De Ketelaere SBC Wich Version FIFA 23 FUT

De Ketelaere Player Pick SBC in FIFA 23: The ST version looks better. | © futbin

The required teams: 1x 83 squad with 1 Serie A player + 1 Inform. 1x 84 squad with 1 Inform. 1x 85 squad. 1x 86 squad.

Perfect for you if you got a lot of fodder lying around – or to get rid of weekend league trash. Oooor if you already have some packs from the Future Stars Swaps event.

Future Stars Quienten Timber Player Pick SBC

With an upvote of 90% on Futbin, the community clearly shows how good the Timber SBC actually is. The Quienten Timber SBC is a player's choice SBC. You get two different cards from him as an option. It's hard to decide here, because both look very nice! You can complete the SBC for only 58,000 coins.

The Timber SBC is a must!

Quienten Timber SBC
Attributes (Version 1)

Attributes (Version 2)

Price58.000 Coins58.000 Coins
Weak Foot44

For Timber, you have to give up the following teams:

Quinten Timber:

# of players from Netherlands: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 84
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Quinten Timber

Future Stars Fábio Vieira SBC

With the release of the promo, Fábio Vieira was introduced as the first Future Stars Squad Building Challenge. Personally, the SBC is a bit too expensive for us. You're just paying for the league and the club here, Vieira's stats aren't outstanding. Sure, his dribbling and passing is great. But his pace isn't really what you're looking for.

Still, it's a cool card and may be of interest to many of you out there. However, we only recommend completing it if you also have some fodder in the club. 235,000 coins is definitely too much. At Futbin he got 63% upvotes. When you complete the SBC, you should play Vieira as a 10 in-game.

Fábio Vieira SBC
PositionCM, RM, CAM, RW
Price235,000 Coins
Weak Foot4

For Vieira, you have to give up the following teams:


# of players from Portugal: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 85
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack

Premier League:

# of players from Premier League: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 86
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Premium Gold Players Pack

Future Stars Vanderson SBC

The Vanderson SBC is one of the best SBCs of the Future Stars promo. The FUT community is also of the same opinion – the SBC has an upvote rate of 70% on Futbin and stands out the most among the previous SBCs. Completing Vanderson gives you two versions of the card to choose from. One is more defensive, the other more offensive. The offensive variant has so far been better received by the community because of 8 star skills and better dribbling. The SBC will cost you around 75,000 coins without fodder in the club.

We recommend the Vanderson SBC!

Vanderson SBC
Attributes (Card 1)

Attributes (Card 2)

PositionRB, RWB, RM, RWRB, RWB, RM, RW
Price75,000 Coins75,000 Coins


Weak Foot43

For Vanderson, you have to give up the following teams:


# of players from Brazil: Min. 1
IF Players: Min
Squad Rating: Min. 83
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Gold Pack

Ligue 1:

# of players from Ligue 1: Min. 1
Minimum OVR 85: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 84
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward:: Mixed Players Pack

Future Stars Riquelme SBC

Riquelme appeared as a Talent Scout Winner SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. He's the least popular one here compared to the other SBCs. With just a 44% thumbs up rate on Futbin, that's easy to see. He's simply bad in terms of value. 96 speed and 5 star skills are nice, but that's pretty much it...

We definitely do not recommend this SBC!

Riquelme SBC
PositionCAM, LM, CF, LW
Price78.000 Coins




Weak Foot3

For Riquelme you have to give up the following teams:


IF Players: Min. 1
# of players from Spain: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 83
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Gold Pack

La Liga:

# of players from LaLiga Santander: Min. 1
IF Players: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 84
# of players in the Squad: 11
Reward: Mixed Players Pack

As more Future Stars SBCs are released, we'll let you know in this article. As of now, the SBCs are in need of improvement.

Will you complete one of the players? Let us know in the comments!


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