Walcott Flashback SBC In FIFA 23: 99 Pace FTW

EA Sports has released a Flashback SBC featuring Theo Walcott! We'll show you what the Englishman's new card can do, what you have to exchange for it, and how expensive the challenge is.

Theo Walcotts Flashback SBC with 99 Pace! | @ EarlyGame / EA Sports

The Future Stars promo is finally here! And to match it, we got a former youngster with a great flashback card: Theo Walcott! With 99 pace, the card has garnered quite a bit of attention from try hards. Here's all you need to know!

FIFA 23: Walcott Flashback SBC - Release Date & Info

Flashback Theo Walcott was released on February 5, 2023 and will be available one week until February 12, 2023. We already knew through leaks that the former Arsenal star would be given a Squad Building Challenge.

You can use the card both on the right wing and in the attack. His positions are RM/RW and ST. You should definitely have no trouble linking to the nation of England and the Premier League.

Flashback Walcott Stats

Of course, Theo Walcott is known for his insane pace. You can see that on his flashback card with 99 pace! Let's take a look at what else he has to offer:



Weak Foot4 Star
Skills4 Star
Price165.000 Coins

99 pace is of course great on offense, but apart from speed he doesn't really have that much to offer, does he? Unfortunately, with rather average stats, he is not one of the best wingers in Ultimate Team and is probably not as annoying a player as Saeed Al-Owairan. Still a cool card that looks like a lot of fun!

Walcott's stats | © FUTBIN

Flashback Walcott SBC Price & Requirements

The SBC is relatively popular with the community. At least 76% of users gave a thumbs up in FUTBIN. The price is currently 165,000 coins, which is not the best value for these stats. But with fodder in the club it's definitely worth it, if you really want it. For the SBC you have to submit two teams. Here you can see the requirements:

Walcott Anforderungen
The requirements of the SBC | Futbin

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