The 5 Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23

Lengthy, OP long shots and absolute defensive beasts: In FIFA 23 there are a lot of players who will trigger some hard rage moments for you. We have listed the five most annoying players. Let's have a look at who really made the list!

Most Annoying Players in FIFA 23
These players make you want wo quit instantly! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

In every new FIFA, there are some players who are way too overpowered. Well, it's obvious that players like R9, who cost multiple million coins, are preeeeetty good. But there aren't only fancy special cards which belong to the best players in FIFA 23. It gets really annoying when you have to see certain footballers in nearly every second match. We have to think back to the Varane-Mendy connection from FIFA 21.

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The Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23 – Top 5

Who are the most annoying in game players in FIFA 23? We have looked at the current meta, the stats of the cards, the price and the possibilities to link players through their nation or league to create this list. You really don't want to face any of those players in FUT Champions.

Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23 Number 5: Adama Traoré

Adama Traore FIFA 23
Adama Traoré can also be changed to Lengthy! | © Futbin

Adama Traoré is well-known for his pace and his physicality. Until now, there were always his 2* Weak Foot and his shooting stats, keeping him from being a monster in FUT. Now, however, you can change him to lengthy with certain chemistry styles and turn him into a real weapon.

His gold card is dirt cheap and really easy to include in your squad. You just don't want to see him playing against you...

Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23 Number 4: Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker FIFA 23
Kyle Walker is the best right back in FIFA 23 and a real nightmare to be up against. | © Futbin

When you see him, you instantly know that there won't be working much on your left offensive side – your poor, poor winger. The guy is super quick, has a good physicality and can also defend. He already has the Lengthy AcceleRATE type without applying a chemistry style to him, and can only get better if you use Shadow on him.

Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23: Cody Gakpo

Gakpo FIFA 23
This POTM SBC is simply outrageous. | © Futbin

One of the first POTM SBCs in FIFA and a really great one to start the new game. He wasn't very expensive and has crazy stats. Because of the RTTK SBC of Savio and the Foundations cards of the Eredivisie, you can even build a decent squad with him. Even Luuk de Jong has a good Rulebreakers card.

Back to Gakpo... Although he isn't Lengthy and can't be transformed either, he is incredibly strong. He is fast, has decent dribbling and a great finish. Especially as a super sub, we will see him lots of times.

Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23 Number 2: Ronald Araujo

Araujo FIFA 23
Araujo is a wall in defense. | © Futbin

The Kimpembe of last year plays in La Liga. Araujo is really cheap, has good links, and provides just about everything you're looking for in a center back. There's really not much else we could say here. He feels like a 90-rated CB and above all his market price is disgustingly low... In case you're still searching for some decent defenders, you should definitely consider him.

Most Annoying Players In FIFA 23 Number 1: Erling Haaland

Haaland FIFA 23
Erling Haaland is the best and at the same time, the most annoying striker in FIFA 23! | © Futbin

Currently, the best striker in the world, is not only destroying everything and everyone in the Premier League, he is also destroying countless controllers in FUT Champions. The most important thing is once again that he is lengthy... He also has an incredible finish and scores every damn Power Shot, if it doesn't get blocked.

His OTW card has already gotten some upgrades and will also continue to do so, in the end he will get a crazy TOTS card and maybe even a TOTY.

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