FIFA 23: Best Controller Settings

To become a pro in FIFA 23, you should use the best controller settings available in the game. So what should it be, classic or alternate? Our guide will help you to choose the best settings.

FIFA 23 best settings
FIFA 23: The best controller settings make you gain the edge! | © EarlyGame

If you have a closer look at the settings and the possibilities you have to adjust the FIFA 23 gameplay, you quickly realize, that these are nearly limitless. We can tweak the smallest bits and customize them perfectly for us. Things like the camera settings and the controller settings can make a huge difference in your performances. But what are the best settings to be even better in FUT Champions and Division Rivals? We'll show you!

Best Controller Settings For FIFA 23

Just to remind you: The controller settings have to feel comfortable for you, and you have to be happy with them. These settings also have the pure focus of improving your gameplay performance, so if they're not as comfortable, just use them in the important matches, if you're able to perform with them, obviously.

In this table, we have listed what we think are the best settings for FIFA 23. The bold marked settings are not the default settings and will be explained later on.

Competitive Master Switch


Through Pass Assistance

FIFA TrainerHide

Timed Finishing

Next Player Switch IndicatorOn
Pass Block AssistanceOn
Auto SwitchingOn Air Balls and Loose Balls
Auto Switching Move AssistanceHigh
Clearance AssistanceClassic
Player Lock


Icon SwitchingOff
Right Stick SwitchingClassic
Right Stick Switching ReferencePlayer Relative
Ground Pass AssistanceAssisted
Shot AssistanceAssisted
Cross Assistance


Lob Pass AssistanceAssisted
Lobbed Through PassSemi
Save AssistanceAssisted
Analog SprintOff

Pass Receiver Lock

User Vibration FeedbackOff
Trigger EffectOff

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Competitive Master Switch: On

The Competitive Master Switch is activated in online modes like FUT Champions by default. You should turn it on anyway, so you don't create a habit of it being turned off.

FIFA Trainer: Hide

The FIFA Trainer is something for beginners, so you should turn it off. If you'd like to train some specific things like Timed Finishing or Power Shots, you can adjust the FIFA Trainer in a match, so it only shows the things you want it to show.

Timed Finishing: On

This year it's not quite as effective as it was in the last years, but it can still make the difference. You have to get used to not spamming the shot button, once it gets hectic. If you don't the ball probably goes out for a throw in, because you hit it early.

Player Lock: On

With the Player Lock, you can control any player you want like your striker and create an individual run, if you're in possession. When you're controlling a player who hasn't got the ball, the computer controls the player in possession. In case you don't use it, like most people actually, it doesn't matter whether you have it turned on or off, because it doesn't disrupt your game.

Right Stick Switching: Classic

Adaptive is the default setting here. That does actually make sense, because you can select a player who is further away from the action by simply holding the right stick longer. Unfortunately, this often causes lags. With classic, you simply have to flick your right stick more often to select the player who is further away.

Save Assistance: Assisted

Just something, that helps your goalkeeper.

User Vibration Feedback: Off

Let's be honest, these vibrations just annoy and don't bring any advantages. Simply turn it off.

Trigger Effect: Off

Same thing here. It's just annoying. Why should you make things harder for you, with a controller that's harder to use?

Try these settings and let us know how they work for you!

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