FIFA 23: These Camera Settings Give You The Best View

Nearly every stadium in FIFA 23 has a different camera perspective. In the Weekend League, however, there is always the FUT Champions Stadium selected, so everyone has the same perspectives in the try hard mode. We'll show you how you can still improve them.

FIFA 23 camera settings
These settings give you the best overview! | © EarlyGame

If you already have the best controller settings for FIFA 23, but you still want to improve, you're in the exact right place, because the camera settings have a huge influence on your performances. They define what and how much you're able to see on the pitch. The newly introduced EA SPORTS GameCam looks quite nice, but is absolutely useless if you're playing by yourself!

Camera Settings

You might have noticed that pros or content creators use weird camera settings. These seem very unusual for us if we have only played with the standard camera settings for some years. But the pros don't do it without any reason. They hope to get some in-game advantages with the adjusted settings. To be more precise, they want to get a better overview and want to be able to see more, to play better passes and use shots more efficiently. This can make the difference in the crucial moments and bring you better rewards in FUT Champions.

But there are also differences amongst the pros. Most of them play with the first choice of settings, but there are also a few who rely on the second one. Just give both of them a try and use the one you feel most comfortable with.

Option 1 - Tele Broadcast

The most popular camera setting is Tele Broadcast. You can nearly see the whole pitch and just have to use the radar very rarely, if ever.

Single Player CameraTele Broadcast
Multiplayer CameraTele Broadcast
Camera SettingsCustom
Camera Height20
Camera Zoom


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Option 2 – Co-op

The Co-op camera is similar to Tele Broadcast, just a little more extreme. Here, you also have to individually adjust the camera. With this selection you can really see everything and don't need the radar at all.

Single Player CameraCo-op
Multiplayer CameraCo-op
Camera SettingsCustom
Camera Height20
Camera Zoom


Power Shot Zoom

The Power Shot is a new feature in FIFA 23 and with it comes the Power Shot Zoom. When you're performing a Power Shot, by default the camera zooms to your player a bit. It's very easy to see that you're doing a Power Shot. This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage, because if it's turned on, you can spot when your opponent wants to do a Power Shot and you can easily block it – except he's using the overpowered Power Shot glitch.

It can also be a disadvantage in case your aim is affected by the zoom and your Power Shots go everywhere, except your opponent's goal. But here you also have to just try it out and choose the setting you're most comfortable with.

When you're trying out these settings for the first few matches, it will be a giant readjustment, but the pros use it for a reason. You simply have the best overview and can judge passes, runs and also shots much better and score more goals.

Try out these settings and let us know how they work for you!

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