Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards For FIFA 23

With Twitch Prime Gaming you can get free rewards for your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – you just need to link your accounts. We show you how to do this and which packs you can get every month.

Twitch Prime is a well known service that you can actually get for free, in case you're already signed up for Amazon Prime. Then you just have to connect your EA Sports Account with your Twitch Prime Account, and you're good to go. You then get rewarded regularly with different packs.

How To Connect Twitch Prime To Your EA Account

The first step to getting your in game rewards is linking your accounts. To do so, you have to go to the Prime Gaming website, where you then log in to your Amazon Prime Account. The Amazon Prime Account will at the same be your Twitch Prime account, in case you don't already have one.

Once you created your Prime Account, you have to link that to your EA Account. There are several ways to do so, but the easiest one is just searching for FIFA on the Twitch Prime Website in the category "Games and Loot". You can select it by clicking onto your personal account in the top right. Then you should see the most recent loot drop for FIFA. By clicking on it, you can first see what it actually contains, and then claim the rewards. Just follow the instructions on there.

You could also link your accounts by clicking on EA's website. For this, you simply have to click the link and then either sign into your account or create a new one.

How To Claim Your Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards

You will get updated on new Twitch Prime Gaming drops on here soon, and if you receive such an update, you simply have to go to Twitch Prime Gaming again. On there, you select the rewards by either searching for them or just clicking them if they are already shown on the website. Once you claimed your FIFA 23 rewards, you simply have to log in to Ultimate Team again and go to the store. In the "My Packs" section, you should then see your Twitch Prime Gaming pack.

By the way, you can also claim other Prime Rewards, just have a look at the website!

Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards For Every Month – What's Included?

We aren't quite sure what EA and Twitch will drop this year. However, we think that it will be very similar to last year's Prime drops. Last year we got 7 rare gold players, 2 rare 81+ Gold Player Picks and a Kylian Mbappé loan item for 5 matches.

FIFA 23 Twitch Prime Gaming Release Date

Last year we got the first ones in October. The Packs always release around the 20th of each month and every monday. We expect the first rewards to be live on October 24th.

Keep an eye on this article to stay updated on the new Twitch Prime Gaming drops!